Just a heads up: while I will leave this webpage visible for those who discover it, I have not taught/updated this webpage since Fall 2014. I am no longer a TA for Phy 132. 


Hey all! This is my website for creating additional documents to help with Physics 132 at Arizona State University. Hopefully I can get some other TAs in on this; I'll be doing this to help us as much as the students!

FOR INCOMING FALL 2014 Students: We are only doing 10 labs, while I will have worksheets and other links for more than 10 labs. To make things easier for you, I'm listing the schedule here, with links to webpages for the labs:
Intro (first week)
First week off, for Labor Day
Lab 2: Capacitors
Lab 3: Ohm's Law
Fall Break, second week off
Thanksgiving Break, third week off
Lab 9: LRC Phases
Lab 10: LRC Resonance

NOTE: Lab 9 and 10 are switched between 364 and 366, so rescheduling labs this section will not be as straightforward.

Please note that I do not have access to the new lab manual changes to each lab until the week that the lab begins. These should be about 98% correct, but not perfect.

For a perspective on how some of you may feel after this semester, feel free to watch the following video (link here). This student sums up pretty well how most students feel by the end of the class.

I have also included my Monday Morning Monologues from social media, where I shed some light on the terminology within my own research. Link here.

Current plans include:
Checklist/worksheet for labs to make lab participation easier
Link page for useful website information on equipment, terminology, and theory
Link page for fun stuff to remind you there can be parts of physics that are enjoyable to everyone, not just professional physicists!

Let me know if you have any other ideas! I'll be taking feedback at the email adcopple@asu.edu.

-Andrew Copple