I'm an Assistant Professor at the Psychology Program of Sabanci University. I received my PhD from the VU University Amsterdam and worked under the supervision of Prof. Catrin Finkenauer (who is working at Utrecht University now)

My research integrates social, clinical, personality, and developmental psychology. Broadly, my studies are about individual and relationship wellbeing. Some of the topics in my research are as follows:

- What is the role of self-control in individual and relationship wellbeing (e.g., happiness, life satisfaction, trustworthy relationships, intimacy)?
- What is the link between self-control and interpersonal behaviors (e.g., intrusive behaviors, intimate partner violence)?
- How are life events (e.g., getting married, child loss, transition to parenthood) related to individual characteristics and interpersonal dynamics (e.g., self-esteem, self-control, forgiveness, finding meaning in loss, relationship satisfaction)?


Sabanci University Psychology Program

Universite Cd. No:27 34956 Tuzla/Istanbul Turkey

Tel: +90 216 4839122

Email: asumanbt@sabanciuniv.edu