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I've included here the syllabus for Fine Arts Visual. If you want to enroll in one of the other courses offered, please email me for more details ( The syllabus below does give a general idea of what is expected in Honors FAV and Survey 2.

Required books for Fine Arts Visual:

Carol Strickland, The Annotated Mona Lisa, 2nd ed.

Nick Yapp, The Xenophobe’s Guide to the Spanish

            Michelin Green Guide, Spain, 2012


Course description for Fine Arts Visual

This course is a survey of European visual culture from its beginnings to the present that introduces students to some of the principle monuments of Western culture. While there will be some time spent in a traditional classroom setting, the course is designed primarily so that students can experience works of art, architecture, and sculpture firsthand. 

 Course Objectives

Some of the knowledge and skills students are expected to gain from this course include:

1)    a life-long appreciation for the arts and humanities

2)    an appreciation for world cultures

3)    ability to identify major stylistic movements and art objects

4)    an understanding of the contexts that affected the creation and reception of art


Course Policies and Procedures

Grade Determination

            Class/site participation                        20%

            6 quizzes                                              30%

Journal                                                50%


Class/site participation

Attendance at class lectures and site visits is mandatory. Participation is defined as attentiveness, preparedness, and verbal participation in every class or site visit. Full participation includes asking pertinent questions, responding to questions based on the readings with a clear understanding of the material, offering insights and alternative viewpoints, and contributing to the cultural/intellectual context of the material. In order to participate in such a manner, you must complete required readings and assignments prior to the class for which they are assigned.



Quizzes will consist of one or more of the following: identifying works of art, short answer questions on terminology, context, or purpose of works of art, and/or comparison and contrast of works of art.



Students will keep a written, dated journal while in Spain to help them better understand and assimilate the art as well as Spanish culture in general.


Format of the Journal:

Your journal will consist of 3 three types of writing:

1. your class notes, which are expected to be detailed with descriptions of images/objects/buildings discussed in class or visited by the group

2. your observations of the cities and monuments that you see (either with the class or on your own): public spaces, cafés, grafitti, outdoor sculpture, places of worship, castles, battlements, etc.

3. four specific writing assignments given over the course of the trip.


There is no page length requirement for your journal entries. If you can convince me that you have dealt with a topic intelligently, thoroughly, and with insight in just a few sentences that is fine; on the other hand, pages and pages of unrelated ramblings that fail to deal intelligently with the visual culture or to consider the assignment will not earn high marks. Although effective written communication is essential, the journal WILL NOT be evaluated on the basis of correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. The ideas and insights you offer in your journal are the most important ingredients, not the form in which they are expressed.


BE CREATIVE. Your journal can include photos, sketches, pieces of visual culture (i.e., newspaper clippings, ticket stubs, etc.) and anything else that will help you better understand the objects, monuments, cityscape, etc. of Spain. Journals should be approximately 5x7” or 8-1/2 x 11” and should be capable of containing items such as photos that you want to paste onto its pages. A spiral bound journal may work best, but the format and design of your journal is entirely up to you. Your journal and a gluestick need to be purchased BEFORE you leave the U.S.