Internship POLICIES and GUIDELINES: Read attached document AND the FAQs on this site!

Students:  Here’s the basic procedure (in order) to follow to have a successful CoB Internship:


1.      Read/follow the Internship Policies/Guidelines and FAQs on this site before you do anything else.

2.      If you meet the criteria to do an internship, complete the Internship application form and meet with me (Dr. Bevill). 

3.      Email me your resume (so that I can send it to potential sites).   It’s fine if you submit resumes to potential internship sites on your own.  Also, talk to your advisor, professors, etc. who might help you locate an internship.  But if you do this on your own, be sure that I approve the site before you interview.

4.      Dress professionally for your interview with your potential internship site.

5.      When you have an approved internship site confirmed, ask your supervisor to complete his/her section of the Intern Agreement form.

6.      Give the Intern Agreement form to me!!  You cannot change internships after making a commitment to a site.

7.      I have to provide an approval so that you can register for the internship course.  (When I do this, the Registrar’s office should automatically email you so that you can then complete the registration process for the internship course).

8.      Follow the syllabus when you begin your internship!!

9.      Always keep in touch with me.

Sandra Bevill,
Jan 14, 2011, 1:46 PM