FAQs---Be sure to also read the Policies and Guidelines on this site!


What is an internship?

An internship is the opportunity for students to receive real-world experience directly related to their major field of study.  In addition to the experience, an internship can enhance students' resumes and make them more likely to get interviews and/or jobs after they graduate. 

An internship lasts for 120 clock hours.  Internships are offered during the Fall, Spring, and both summer sessions.

How soon can I do an internship?

When you have AT LEAST  9 (nine) upper-level hours in your major.   These hours are over and above the core classes.   Dr. Roe prefers grad students have at least 15 graduate hours prior to doing an internship.

What's the process to get an internship?

It's best to begin early or mid-way the semester before you want to do your internship.  Make an appointment with Dr. Bevill and submit your application and email her your resume.  While I will try to help you get an internship, they aren't guaranteed, of course.  You might also want to talk to the professors in your major because they often hear of potential internships. 

If you're interested in an internship in another city, you should go online and check out the internship opportunities with the businesses there
Here’s the basic procedure (in order) to follow to have a successful CoB Internship.  


1.      Read/follow the policies and guidelines and FAQs on this site before you do ANYTHING else.

2.      If you meet the criteria to do an internship, complete the Internship application form and meet with me (Dr. Bevill).

3.      Email me your resume (so that I can send it to potential sites).   It’s fine if you submit resumes to potential internship sites on your own.  Also, talk to your advisor, professors, etc. who might help you locate an internship.  But if you do this on your own, be sure that I approve the site before you interview.

4.      Dress professionally for your interview with your potential internship site.

5.      When you have an approved internship site confirmed, ask your supervisor to complete his/her section of the Intern Agreement form.

6.      Give the Intern Agreement form to me!!

7.      I have to provide an approval so that you can register for the internship course.  (When I do this, the Registrar’s office should automatically email you so that you can then complete the registration process for the internship course).

8.      Follow the syllabus when you begin your internship!!

9.      Always keep in touch with me.


PLEASE NOTE:  The College of Business does not give retroactive internship credit.   Before you do an internship, you must meet the requirements, submit the appropriate paperwork,  and have my approval.

Can I do an internship where I am currently working?

The short answer is no; students are not allowed to receive academic credit for a job they already have.

However, under certain circumstances, students may be approved to do internships where they are currently working.  For example, if you are a bank teller, and your bank is willing to let you intern in the trust department or HR department for the course of your internship, that may be permissible. 

Or, sometimes, internship sites want assistance on a special project, and this may be appropriate for an internship where you work.  If you have an opportunity to obtain experience directly related to your major at the place where you currently work--and it is NOT what you are currently doing--please contact Dr. Bevill to discuss this possibility further.

Your supervisor will have to complete the Intern Agreement form that will list the responsibilities/learning experiences you will have on your internship that are different from what you already do.

I already did an internship with a company.  Can I get internship credit for that?

No.  Internship credit is not given retroactively.  The only exception is if you did an internship for credit while attending another university; you may be able to transfer that credit.

Are internships paid?

This depends on the internship.  While you are free to choose to apply to only paid internships, you are limiting yourself when you do this.  Please read the information below before making your final decision.

 Once I commit to an internship, is it all right to quit there and go to another one that I think I'll like better?

No!  It's important to decide before accepting an internship if that's the one you want.  It's unfair to the site that may have given up the chance to get other interns to offer you the internship, and it's bad manners.  Thinking decisions through is something you need to be doing now. 

Why should I want to do an internship?

Advantages of an Internship may include the following:

·         Real-world experience related to major--this often sets you apart from all of the other graduates without experience in their major field of study!

·         Academic credit--3 hours of upper-level College of Business credit!

·         Opportunity to meet/network with others in your professional area

·         Resume enhancement--often, potential employers choose to interview those with experience related to their majors rather than just general experience

·         Increased job prospects from where you are interning to those you might meet during your internship

·         Great learning experience!


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