Thinking about an internship?   Good for you!  
An internship can provide valuable, real-world experience in your major.   Plus, employers often choose to interview applicants with an internship on their resumes because the employers know those applicants have experience in the field.

An internship can give you a chance to use what you've learned in the classroom and to better understand how everything you've learned fits together.  

Talk it over with your advisor or a professor in your major.  They'll tell you how valuable a good internship can be!  Be SURE you read the information below!! ▼▼
BEFORE you interview for an internship, be sure that you read the Internship Policies on this site and the FAQs page to make sure that you can get credit for your internship. 

  PLEASE NOTE:  The College of Business does not give retroactive internship credit.   Before you do an internship, you must meet the requirements, follow the Policies/Guidelines outlined on this site and under the FAQs.
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