Structures Group Project

Project Construction/Structure

Instructor:  Lynette Andreasen



To give thought to how things are built while paying attention to construction, engineering, and aesthetics.  To explore the possibilities inherent in working within strict material and process limitations.  To draw connections between design professions such as architectural engineering and industrial design and three-dimensional art and design.  This will also help students learn to work in a group environment.



You and a group will have two hours to construct an object that is at least 8 inches off the ground and that can support the weight of 3 members from your group for at least one minute. 



No more than 32 square feet of cardboard can be used.  You will need to bring an Ex-Acto knife and box cutters.  Tape may not be used. 



- Make strategic cuts in you cardboard to slot the structure together.

- Building a paper model may help to conserve cardboard and give you a clear idea, but

   watch your time.


Point Breakdown


35 points for material usage and structural integrity:

            -Did the support structure support the given weight?

            -Did the student use only the allotted materials?


15 points for class preparation:

            -Have you shown up to class with everything that you need, or do you have to

                        leave class to retrieve materials? 

            -Did you equally participate in the group?


50 total points


Lynette Andreasen,
Aug 22, 2009, 4:11 PM