Scale and Context: Inflatable Sculpture

ART 115, 3-D Design                       Instructor: Lynette Andreasen

Scale and Context Group Project, Inflatable Sculpture:  DUE October 27th



Your challenge is to create a three dimensional, large scale, inflatable sculpture using plastic sheeting and packing tape.  Take something big, and make it small!  If it can fit in your hand, imagine it being 16 feet long.  You will be working in groups of 6 or 7.  Each group will work together to design and create an inflatable sculpture.  As this project will be IN CLASS ONLY, you are REQUIRED to attend all classes and will loose one letter grade for the project for each class you miss.  This is a group effort and each individual will need to contribute. 


Size Requirements

The sculpture must measure at least 16” at one point.


Things to think about

Make sure all connections are measured to fit accurately.  Make the large body of the sculpture first and then add appendages afterwards.  Holes can be cut to adjoin additional parts.  Create a proportional drawing complete with measurements before beginning the plastic sculpture! 



This project will introduce students to working large scale.  Students will learn about scale and context. 



Richard Serra, Walter De Maria, Anish Kapoor, Claes Oldenburg, Lucas Samaras,  Do a flickr or youtube search for Inflatable sculpture


Required Reading

Sections on Space, Scale and Proportion



Space, positive space, negative space, scale, proportion, context


Tentative Schedule


October 8th, Thursday- Workday, Critique Relief Project , Introduce Unit “Scale and Context” , Assign groups for inflatable sculpture, view slide examples. COMPLETE READING

October 13th, Tuesday- Work Day

October 15th, Thursday- Work Day

October 20th, Tuesday- Work Day

October 22nd, Thursday- Work Day

October 27th, Tuesday- Inflate the “Beast”/ Critique

Lynette Andreasen,
Oct 14, 2009, 4:24 PM