Project 2 Points Lines Planes Volume Wire Sculpture

Project 3: Ergonimics



Ergonomics is the study of the physiological relationship between humans and the world that surrounds them.  A site-specific artwork refers to art designed for a particular location.  If removed from that location it would lose all or a substantial part of its meaning.  Using wire and a variety of other materials we will be creating a site-specific artwork.  The site will be your body. You must also introduce one other material into your sculpture (make sure the material makes sense to your piece).



Formal: to introduce the studio fundamentals of volume, space, and positive and negative space.  To understand and develop implied spatial volumes from a vocabulary of points, lines and planes.

Technical: To gain experience safely using hand tools for forming wire. To use line quality effectively to express three-dimensional volume.

Conceptual: To investigate the relationship between the human body and a work of art.



Line, volume, planes, mass, space and texture sections, pages 187-204



The object that you create can be as big as you like.  Do not be afraid of scaling up on an idea.  If you want to do something involving your ENTIRE body, more power to you! You will be required to make 5 drawings of  5 distinctly different potential ideas.  Of these 5 designs, you must make 2 maquettes.  You must also bring in 5 sources of inspiration for your designs.

Once we have discussed your prospective project and examined the possibilities you will use a variety of wires, paint, fabric and what ever is necessary for you to achieve the form that you have designed.

All of this will culminate in a runway show of sorts wherein you will wear your artwork and we will critique and examine the object both on and off of your body. 

The most important aspect of this assignment is craftsmanship and attention to detail.  You are making a beautiful or sublime object about the presence or absence of your body.


            BLOG PORTION: You must post at least one of your ideas and sketches to the blog by Monday, September 14th.  By Tuesday September 15th you must have left comments on 5 of your classmates posted ideas, giving them feedback and suggestions about their ideas.  You must write three or more sentences for each comment.




You will be graded on the following:

-Craftsmanship: reconciling materials, form, function, attention to detail and your handling of materials. (if you sand your piece, will you sand it to a high polish? Or will the marks left by the sandpaper be deliberate texturing.  If you spray paint it, will the wires have little drips everywhere or will you take your time and do light layering? Have your tools left distracting marks in the wire?  Etc.)

-Concept: have you taken the examples and your own research and created a compelling and interesting interpretation of the assignment?

-Planning (models, drawings, research, etc.)

-Relating your work to the ideas and objectives outlined in the assignment.

-Critique Participation



150 Total Points



Ergonomic, line, Volume, Negative Space, Positive Space, Psychological Space, Site-specific artwork, Maquette, Orientation, Direction, Continuity, Actual Lines, Implied Lines, Line Networks, Plane, Volume, Body Art (not Tattoos, we’re talking about in the art historical sense). 



Your notebook should include the following:

1. Evidence of your research (print-outs from magazines, web searches, interviews with artists, etc.).

2. Your design process (drawings, computer-printouts, quality photos of maquettes).

3. Supplemental materials (receipts, notes about technique or materials)

4. Final documentation in the form of drawings, computer print-outs, or photographs.


Materials needed:



Needle Nose Pliers

Angled Pliers (snips)

Gloves (not required, but handy)

Miscellaneous other media (depends on  your idea)




September 10th, Thursday- Critique 1st Project, Introduce Unit “Points, Lines, Planes, Volumes”, Hand out Assignment sheet, View Slides, Bring for next class: Pliers, wire, other materials? COMPLETE READING

September 15th, Tuesday- Blog posts (due Monday the 14th) and comments DUE, Discuss Reading, Individual discussion of ideas and sketches, Short demo, Workday

September 17th, Thursday- Work Day

September 22nd, Tuesday- Work Day

September 24th, Thursday- Critique Line Project, Introduce Relief Project, View slide examples
Bring for next class: sketches, image ideas, found objects, assembling necessities. COMPLETE READING

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