Project 1- 2-D to 3-D

ART 115: 3-D Design

Instructor: Lynette Andreasen


Project One: 2D to 3D                         due date: September 10th


In many cultures, artists use their artworks to protest or to bring attention to their ideas. Sometimes a painting, sculpture, or building can persuade just as well, or better than words can.  Art can protest, propose, and provoke ideas.

Your challenge is to create a three dimensional, sculptural form from paper, using any of the following techniques: scoring, folding, cutting, curling, rolling, feathering, adhesion, weaving, plaiting, paper mache, and cold connecting.  Your piece should make some statement or idea clear to the viewer. 

You must bring the object to class for critique, but also photo document (digitally) the object in an environment, and upload the photo to the class blog.  (Photo must be uploaded BEFORE critique.) 

Size Requirements:  IF the object you create is flat, it must be at LEAST 16”x20” and mounted to a board. 

IF you are creating a 3-D sculpture, it must be at least 20” in one diameter, or its parts must be combined to add up to 20”. 

Things to think about:

How do the materials you used inform the content of the piece?  Why is the object made of paper?  Think about fragility, impermanence, reuse, etc.  What statement is your piece making?  How do you want the viewer to feel about your piece, what feelings do you hope to evoke?  What context would be the most effective for the display of your finished work?


Posting an Image to the blog

As part of the assignment, you must photo document (digitally) your paper object in an environment, and upload the photo to the class blog.  (Photo must be uploaded BEFORE critique.)  Instructions for posting are as follows: 

Post Title:  This should be the title of your piece (not “untitled”).   A title can often give the viewer clues about the meaning of a piece if the visual clues are unclear.

Post Text:  Give a brief explanation of your piece (3-5 sentences).  This should include what the piece is about, and why you made it.  What was the idea behind the piece?  What techniques did you use?  Why did you choose the materials you did?  Then list the materials you used in the piece, and the size.  USE SPELLCHECK.  You will be graded on the professionalism of your post.



This project will serve as a transition from working in two dimensions to engaging in three-dimensional space.  Students will understand the differences between the two-dimensional picture plane and three-dimensional volume and structure.  Students will also make a piece that successfully conveys an idea or feeling to the viewer. 



See link list on the class blog.



“Constructing Meaning” pages 158-173

“Elements of Three Dimensional Design” pages 180-187

“Principles of Three Dimensional Design” pages 220-238



two-dimensional, three-dimensional, form and content, positive and negative space, ground plane, connection, formalism, gestalt, aesthetics, analogy, appropriation, cliché, iconography, layering, metaphor, re-contextualization, simile, stereotype, relief, freestanding works, environmental work, installation, earthwork, site specific, composition, unity, variety, grouping, containment, proximity, continuity, repetition, closure, grid, matrix, balance, symmetrical balance, radial symmetry, asymmetrical balance, dominant, subordinate, scale, monumental, proportion, emphasis, focal point, anomaly, contrast, rhythm



Varying weights of drawing and watercolor papers, PVA glue, Ex-acto knife, Bone folder, Scoring tool, Cutting Mat, Board or backing if you are working flat, Camera for photo documentation, any other materials necessary to your piece (ex. Watercolors, prismacolors, etc.)


Tentative Schedule

August 25th, Tuesday- First Day of Class, Hand out Syllabus, Intro Game-Newspaper Pageant,  Hand Out Assignment Sheet for 1st Project Unit “Between 2D &3D”

                                Bring for next class: box cutter


August 27th, Thursday- Structures Group Project

Discuss 1st Project Unit “Between 2D &3D”, View Slide Examples, Demo working with Paper in 3-D

Bring for next class: paper, bone folder, scoring tool, cutting mat, Ex-acto knife, pva glue, scissors, drawing media



September 1st, Tuesday- Discuss Reading, Demo working with Paper in 3-D, Discuss Individual Ideas for project, Workday


                                September 3rd, Thursday- Workday


September 8th, Tuesday- Workday


September 10th, Thursday- Critique 1st Project, Introduce Unit “Points, Lines, Planes, Volumes”, Hand out Assignment sheet, View Slides, Bring for next class: Pliers, wire, other materials?


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