Modular Units and Repetition

ART 115, 3-D Design                                                    Instructor: Lynette Andreasen

Project Five: Modular Units and Repetition




                This project is designed to help you understand and experiment with the elements and principles of modularity, repetition and rhythm, in the construction of a three dimensional form.  You should understand how sculptural form is often a matter of how “the whole is greater than the some of the parts.” 


                Your challenge is to create a three dimensional, sculpture utilizing modular units or repetition.  Your sculpture must include at least 100 identical objects.  The sculpture you create must be autobiographical in some way.  It should tell us something about you, your beliefs, your past, your aspirations, your memories, your dreams, etc.  You must bring the object to class for critique, but also photo document (digitally) the object in an environment, and upload the photo to the class blog.  (Photo must be uploaded BEFORE critique.


Size Requirements:            Will depend on your individual projects and repetitious units.  Talk to me!


Things to think about:

How do the materials you used inform the content of the piece?  What are you telling us about yourself and why?  How does repetition play a role in your work?




Philip Toledano, Tara Donovan, Jennifer Maestre, Margaux Lange, Andy Warhol, Megan Auman, Tedd McDonah, Nick Deford, Jon Bein, Louise Nevelson, Jennifer Angus, Liza Lou, Carl Andre, Sol Lewitt, Craig Randich



                Pages 235-238



Repetition, rhythm, modularity, gestalt



Whatever you come up with!



October 27th, Tuesday- Inflate the “Beast”/ Critique, Introduce Unit “Modular Units and Repetition” View Slides of ExamplesAssign Project

October 29th, Thursday- In class discussion and brainstorming, COMPLETE READING

November 3rd, Tuesday- work day

November 5th, Thursday- work day

November 10th, Tuesday- workday

November 12th, Thursday- Workday

November 17th, Tuesday- CRITIQUE

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Oct 29, 2009, 9:11 AM