3-D Design: Art 115




Arizona State University Fall 2009


Instructor:  Lynette Andreasen

Class Blog:


 Class Blog           

            In conjunction with regular projects and assignments, you will also be required to participate in a class blog.  Requirements for posting and making commentary on classmates posts will be given with each specific project on the project assignment sheets.  Participation in the class blog will assist you with idea generation, as well as enable you to assist your classmates.  You will also be responsible for photographing your work, scanning sketches, and writing professionally about your ideas.  Blogging for this class will be good professional practice and will teach you skills in writing, documentation and technology. You will be graded for your participation in the class blog.  Grading for this portion of each assignment will be allotted to the participation category. 




Lynette Andreasen,
Aug 22, 2009, 2:07 PM