Quite the lady.

    Siren has a very warm personality.  She's an awesome cat who just loves to find a warm lap to nap on.  I think that her calling in life is letting her voice be heard, so as to live up to her name. 

    Siren enjoys meeting interesting people, taking walks, or just being someplace new.  One of the first things I did with my cat when I got her home was fit her for a harness and leash so I can take her on walks.  I belive I was proactive when she was young in introducing her to a lot of different types of people and situations.  I would take her to the bar on the weekends at Jakes Pub, the corner bar that allows animals.  Sometimes I would let her wander around the bar and would eventually find her way to the pool table where she would just roll around on the green felt.  Most of the people would just play around her as something of a moving hazard. 

Siren Quick Facts:

Opera's performed:  4

Flips attempted when I mentioned a web page for her:  0

Hours spent each day working out: 4