Old Orchard Woods

Skokie, IL

Old Orchard Woods

       So, this is where I work, or should I say, what I work on.  It's directly off of I-94 (eden's) just off the Old Orchard exit (exit 35) just outside of the Chicago city limits in Skokie, IL.  It's comprised of three towers (Phase I, II, & III) which have been in production since May of 2005 and will be going until June 2007.  This building is the tallest in all of the suburbs and when you're in the tower, every view is spectacular.  Every direction has a stunning view of the city, lake, or the suburbs, which from the tops of the trees, is actually pretty.

      This is my first time project managing and according to the general contractor, regional project managers, and my own boss, is developing quite nicely.  Since I started there in November I've picked up on what needs to be done and I've been given the "go ahead" to get it done and the results have been impressive to them, as well as me.  I feel as though my personality can come out in this job and it works to my benefit.  The previous two project managers who no longer work at this job must of laid a bad impression on them because the Iron Workers that I manage all belive that I'm there to yell at them to increase performance.  But my previous expeirences tell me that I can coax more bee's with honey than just my dance moves.



Current Status

Phase 1 - Complete

Phase II - 85%

Phase III - 15%