I've been brought here to make my mark...and I'll do it anywhere I please.

April 14, 2007

    CHICAGO IS THE REPRESENTING CITY FOR THE UNITED STATES BID FOR THE 2016 SUMMER OLYMPICS.  Most people would say rad for it doesn't really effect their long term goals.  This move by Chicago will guarentee my posistion as a project manager, not only here, but other companies as well.  This means that Chicago for the next 9 years will be under HEAVY construction and I'll be there to handle those reigns and steer Chicago's Construction industry high into the profits.  I love my job...too much I think.

January 16, 2007

    The New Year was pretty shitty.  I hate New Years Eve.  I've always gotten my hopes set high that it's going to be awesome, and it's always not.  This year I planned on making it the best NYE ever by what else, going to bed.  I was in bed by 11:30pm and slept right through the year until around 2:00am where I was woken up by my roommate informing me that there are hot straight females in my house, with no straight guys.  Time to rise n' shine.  I wake up only to find out that none of these girls are interesting or interested in me.  So I start to relax a bit and by dinner time New Years Day I was taken advantage of and got $3-400 stolen from me after i had already threw down around $500 in party ammunition.  So, it sucked. 
    This year I've realized that I need to drop bad habits and pick up good ones.  So I've come to realize that Smoking, Drinking and other habits should be cut all at once to reduce the time to "get over it."  We'll see how that goes, I'll keep you updated.


Born: June 22, 1979

Height: 5' 7-3/4"

Weight: 125 lbs

Babies Tossed: 134