They are the next best things to kids.

    Okay, so I've come to the conclusion that I'm a cat lady.  I'm a totally an animal lover but cats are my counterpart.  Around October 2004, I found a liter of cats behind my work living out of a drainage pipe and it was getting damn cold by that point.  I went home and discussed with my current roommate at the time, Scott Baker, if he wanted cats and it was something that we've discussed before but it was decision time.  But the only thing is, I need to make a choice, ween them from their mother before the recommended 8 weeks, or wait 8 weeks and find out that they've died to malnuturishment or the freezing cold.  So after 3-4 weeks I snatched up two rad cats, one orange, and one marble.  I threw them in my backpack and took the 3 hour trek back home.  

    The naming of your cats is not easy.  Scott and I must of gone through a couple of dozen of names.  The first time that I moved to Chicago I noticed that the ambulances sound like dieing cats.  When I was on my trek home all the marble cat did was wail like a dieing cat, or like a Chicago ambulance siren.  Her name,became solidified only a few weeks later as just 'Siren'   Scott decided to name his cat 'Jam', which is the best name ever for this cat.  He was fine as a kitten but as he grew up to be a bigger cat we noticed that his paw wasn't growing properly.  Scott took him to the vet and said that there is a surgury out there that can fix his paw but Jam shows no sign of pain so there is no reason for it.  Scott and I immediately knew that these cats would be rad.   

    We threw them a huge brthday party for their first year here on Spetember 2nd 2005 (I may throw those pics up here as well).  The Kitty Cat Keggar was a huge sucess, primarily because it was free.  But a lot of people showed up, that we know, and ones that we don't know.  We had someone in from California as well as a couple of guys of New York drive in for this grand event.  Looking forward to the Kitty Cat Kegger 2 next year. 

    Enjoy the pictures!!!

Quick Cat Stats:

DOB:September 1 2004
Weight: 9 lbs.
Eye Color: Green

Favorite DrinkMartini
Special Skills
       Ability to attract
     even the most
     allergic of people.

DOB: September 1 2004
Weight: 15 lbs.
Eye Color: Amber
Coat Color: Orange
Favorite Drink:  PBR
Special Notes: 
      Handicapped - Left
    paw mutilated during