How will a planet function in a Horoscope?

For determining the effects of a planet, the houses of a horoscope are grouped in following manner :

  • Auspicious Zone
    • a) Trine : 1 - 5- 9
    • b) Kendra : 4–7–10 (1st house counted for Trine)
      • In a horoscope when a planet owns 2 signs and both falls under (a) and (b) zones, the planet will give very auspicious result.
      • Rajayogas are formed when lords of Kendra and Trines are combined. Planet who rules one of the kendra and a Trine becomes YogaKaraka
      • A planet owning two Signs, both placed in Central houses will also be considered inauspicious for the sake of Kendradhipati dosha.
      • A planet will be auspicious but blemished if being a benefic it owns a Sign of Kendra (b) and another in (c), (d) or (e) zones.
  • Inauspicious zone
    • c) Upachaya or Trishadaya : 3–6–11 (10th counted in Kendra)
    • d) Trik : 8 (6th counted in Trishdaya and 12th treated exceptionally with 2nd house)
      • In a horoscope when a planet owns 2 signs and both falls under (c) or (d) zones, the planet will give very inauspicious result.
      • For the lord of 8th if the other sign falls in 1 or 3rd is treated as exception because all the three houses are related with life and life span.
  • Dependent zone
    • e) Remaining : 2 - 12 - on both the sides of the ascendant.
      • Lords of Signs in the 2nd and the 12th will give results according to the placement of the other Sign they own.

Here, Mars is lord of 2nd and 7th house. Being the lord of 2nd house zone (e)Mars here will be treated as Maraka because its other sign falls in 7th house.

Kahani mein twist..!!

We need to be careful here.. because the rules have been framed by sages. The classic books are authored by spiritual astrologers. So when 5th and 9th are termed as auspicious, it is not coming true to the aspirations of a householder native. What is treasure or most valued for a spiritually oriented person may not be desired by ordinary person with mundane longings.

The reverse would also be true.. the Upachaya house that the sages declared inauspicious are the houses of interest for an ordinary worldly man running after benefits by serving others, competing with others or at the cost of others.

Further, we need to remember that for all practical purpose, we never need result of a planet or a house in isolation. Human issues always involve more than 2–3 houses and when we form a subject oriented group, the above rules have to be taken with due flexibility i.e,, when we examine subject of marriage from the horoscope, we have to consider the group of houses 2, 7, and 11 and being sensible, we cannot dismiss a planet because it owns 7th house and being Maraka.