Some of our activities include:

Club observations

A time for members to work on their own projects--from lunar observing and asteroid occultations to the Messier Catalogue and Hickson galaxy groups.

Public observations

AASI provides astronomy enthusiasts in southern Illinois an opportunity to share their passion for all things astronomy.

A chance to do outreach and spread the word about astronomy, while showing the public the planets, the Moon, the Sun, double stars, galaxies, clusters, and nebulae.

Monthly meetings

Held at Pagliai's on the second Monday of each month, meetings are informal, informational, and inspiring. Members and guests present a variety of topics from the practical (cleaning a mirror) to the technical (quantum mechanics); from the historical to the folkloric; and from pop culture to esoterica.

WSIU.org Radio Spots

WSIU, public radio for Southern Illinois, graciously airs a monthly astronomy blurb on Friday mornings describing an object or two. These spots are written by Andy Edelen and read by Cheryl Ernst.

AASI is a proud affiliate of the Astronomical League and Astronomers Without Borders.

AASI is a proud affiliate of Astronomers Without Borders and the Astronomical League.