Curiosity - Mars rover, image
Fermi - gamma-ray space telescope
Hubble Space Telescope - launched in 1990 by space shuttle Discovery
Insight - (Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport), a Mars lander
International Space Station
Juno - mission at Jupiter
New Horizons - Pluto and beyond
OSIRIS-REx - mission to asteroid Bennu
Parker Solar Probe - will study the Sun's atmosphere
Swift - detects gamma-ray bursts and accurately determines their position in the sky

Cassini - shared the wonders of Saturn and its family of icy moons
Galileo - orbited Jupiter for almost 8 years and made close passes by all of its major moons
Kepler - used the transit method of detecting exoplanets starting in 2009, legacy - 4:36 video
Planck - mapped the cosmic microwave background over a broad range of far-infrared wavelengths (2009-2013)