Dr. Karlis Kaufmanis was a professor of astronomy at the University of Minnesota. Over the years he did considerable research on the Star of Bethlehem. He developed an astronomical explanation of the phenomenon and became noted for his lecture on the subject.
In essence, Dr. Kaufmanis describes how the birth of Christ was announced, not by a single object in the sky, but by an astronomical event where Jupiter, the King star, and Saturn, the star of the Messiah, appeared together in the constellation, Pisces, or Fish, known to astrologers as the House of the Hebrews, in the eastern sky at sunrise, or at the heliacal rising. Kaufmanis surmises that the wise men were astrologers who predicted, along with ancient Hebrew tradition, that this long awaited event would announce the birth of the Messiah in Bethlehem.
The fact that the event occurred is undeniable.  It can be mathematically calculated, and it can be found recorded on ancient clay tablet journals from that time where, according to Kaufmanis, the phrase, "Jupiter and Saturn in Fish," "Jupiter and Saturn in Fish," is repeated again and again as though nothing else important was happening at that time.
Dr. Kaufnanis gave this lecture over 1000 times during his career, but apparently it was never commercially recorded. Dr. Kaufmanis died in the year 2003.
I recorded this one-hour lecture in 1972, and I have included it here for your enjoyment. Please click on the following to start the program:
Karlis Kaufmanis Star Of Bethlehem.mp3
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