About Me

My name is Kenny, Chun Yu, Ng (吳震宇)
I am now a postdoc fellow at the Weizmann Institute of Science, thanks for the generous support of the Croucher Foundation, as well as the Benoziyo Fellowship. 

Previously I was a graduate student and a presidential fellow in CCAPP at the Ohio State University under the supervision of Prof. John Beacom

I come from the beautiful city of Hong Kong, and did my undergraduate study at the Chinese University of Hong Kong

Research Interest
Generally, I am interested in testing particle physics in astrophysical and cosmological scenarios. (Doesn't it sound cool?)

Specifically, my current work involves testing the particle nature of dark matter, and various topics in neutrino astrophysics and high-energy astrophysics. 

How to find me?
This is me in Petra.

Me and one of my cute nephews.