Astronomical Software

As a personal initiative, I started the Open Source Astronomy - OSA group on face book, to better promote open-source & share/Free-ware astronomy software and help beginners & amateurs find software that best suits them & their needs without the need of paying for highly priced software with lots of options that are not usually exploited by the beginner. For this reason, I saw a need to establish a web page that serves as a list or archive such software. This initative resulted in this humble page.

Under the following page are two sub-pages: Commercial Astronomical Software - CAS & Open Source Astronomy - OSA.

The Open Source Astronomy - OSA is a comprehensive list of open source & nearly cost free (where you still have to pay for burning discs or for your Internet service provider for downloading stuff) astronomical software. If you are a beginner or newbie amateur astronomer, please direct to this page.

The Commercial Astronomical Software - CAS is a comprehensive list of commercially available astronomical software. If you are already familiar with open-source software like Stellarium & KStars, and you are an amateur or advanced amateur astronomer please direct to this page.

: In some cases there are softwares that are not entirely free (requires only a minimal fee) but are included in OSA, as I consider them great for beginners & amateurs. Others are not commercial, but are advanced software that are used to retrieve data from NASA, ESA, ESO or other space agencies & thus are included in the OSA page as they are not commercial.
Therefore, when you check either of the pages that you were directed to above, do take some time to overview the both lists, after all its your choice.
If you are confused, please do ask my assistance by email (clearly stating that in the subject) at .

Please click on the respective Logo or link to redirect to the desired page.

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