Partial Solar Eclipse for January 04 2011 - Beirut, Lebanon

posted Dec 31, 2010, 9:52 AM by Bob Merhebi   [ updated Dec 31, 2010, 10:20 AM ]

General info about eclipses in 2011:


Four partial solar and two total lunar eclipses take place in 2011. This 4:2 combination of solar and lunar eclipses in a single year is rather rare with only six cases during the 21st Century (2011, 2029, 2047, 2065, 2076 and 2094). The first and last eclipses always occur in January and December.

The first Solar Eclipse for 2011 occurs on Tuesday, January 04.

Details for this Solar Eclipse:


Saros Series: 151

Member: 14/72

Duration: 67.1 seconds

Details for Beirut, Lebanon are as follows (all Beirut local time):


Eclipse Starts: 09:12 hrs

Eclipse Maximum: 10:44 hrs

Eclipse Ends: 12:20 hrs

Sun's Altitude: 32

Sun's Azimuth:164

Eclipse Magnitude: 0.600

Eclipse Obscuration: 0.496

WARNING: Under no circumstance shall you look directly at the Sun unless you have taken very serious precautions, as the SUN CAN & WILL IMPAIR YOUR VISION. You have been warned !!! Eye Safety During Solar Eclipses (NASA)

To safely view the eclipse, you may use either of the following methods:


1) a NEW eclipse glasses 



2) Pinhole method


3) live online or on TV

4) through some event organized by a well-trusted astronomy club