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 The tale of the Southern GRAS  telescope setup in South Australia. 2007

Images from the Southern GRAS Facility Setup.

 "In 2007, two guys traveled from Melbourne to the South Australian 'Riverlands' district and erected the first Southern GRAS internet telescopes and observatories in 6 days and 6 nights and  then connected to the world! Well most of it.."

 Some city lads came to build in the bush.


Feeling a bit like pioneers.


G12 up and away.


 Fiberglass timber steel 


Some Brad sweat and tears as we mount the G8 OTA



A lot of fiddly work


 Into the cold and late


Planned to the millmeter by 



Owner of G15 Fred V, supports my G12 dome, helping late in the night during testing


 Final Night was frantic,

 much pacing and huffing...

testing from the warm MCC

A successful first light G8 and  G12 on the last night! 

 G8 & G12 have been now running successfully since final commissioning in Dec 2007.


 They have been joined by a 3rd GRAS telescope. A 10"RCOS called G15. 



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 Riverland Dingo Observatory - GRAS-008, 012 & 015

Established August  2007

Brad at the wheel of turbo rental van full of observatories!


 We arrive at site! Dumped the load. Daz had site primed and ready.


Dusk at the domes 

The G Twins day3  
(Prior to nearby trees being trimmed down)

 Cold dusk looms and work to do.


G8 Fitout & Setup

The GRAS-008 Scope.

Aussie Pete with the G12 in beta test mode. Thats me! We had fun, and thanks to the GRAS team.

 The G12 WIDE FOV FSQ-ED and STL11.

G12 is now housed in a custom roll off observatory and has been going great guns.