Planet of the Midnight Mists

Just started writing this, should be finished in 2013 and published.
It is a story about an Alien world where the main character, Zigbe gets visited and aducted by Humans coming to the Planet. A Scientist, his biologist daughter, her husband, the pilot and explorer that contracted to explore for minerals and other valuables in the system for a mining consortium along with their two children, one a female seventeen and a male, sixteen.
It starts out with Zigbe making his adult appearance leaving his birth cave in a world where it was eat or be eaten, but the Catmanche were slowly to evolve with science, arts and philosphy into a civilized race.
Zigbe is a seven foot tall reptile with skin like a snake but has no tail, just a stump that is used to rest on. Red, Brown and Black rings circle his body including his stump. Wide red rings signafy he is a male. With a larger brain than an alligator but with a face like one, only smaller. He has webbed feet and hands so he is at home in water as well as dry land, where he walks upright after he becomes an adult instead of using all four when he was a child living in his birth cave and going to school. 
Keep checking this site for updates as the book progresses!