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T.T.Gristman called Tee lived alone atop his mountain after his grandparents died. Tending to a still while his grandfather was sick, it exploded leaving his right arm paralyzed and unusable. He learned to use his left arm better than most did with two arms.  Having financial trouble for not paying the taxes on the home since the death of his grandfather, he was in a dilemma on what to do.
A prime candidate for David when he walks into the bar where Tee came every tuesday night to have a couple just to be around people even though the only ones that would speak to him was the waitresses.
David, the inventor of a time portal had a major problem, his sister Joy went back in time by accident, now he needed someone to go after her and bring her back. He already faced two rejections until he heard about Tee. Tee a few weeks back had killed a mountain lion barehanded! He sounded like the type of guy that David would want. Hearing from his father about Tee's tax troubles, the home went on the auction block in a couple of days.
David approached Tee with an offer that would save his land and home but he would have to go through the portal to do it!
Tee at first thought it was a joke being played on him dropping out of school in the seventh grade to help his grandfather around the farm.  The money would save his land, so he decided to do it, Tee didn't know that David's own father intended to get the mountain and Tee's home, to break it up and build homes all over it. 
What Tee didn't count on was love coming into his life!  Availble now on:
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