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Brandi's Nightmare

Brandi just before her eighteenth birthday and a couple of days before her graduation from high school finds her world turned upside down when her parents are killed in a car bombing. She is shocked to learn she wasn't who she thought she was. Determined to find the killer or killers of her parents. She sets out on a journey finding she has grandparents, aunts and uncles she never knew about. 
The story twists and turns as she learns who her real father was, not the man she thought was all these years! He is the prime suspect in the murder of her parents.
When she thought for certain that he was the killer or had it done being a member of the mob, she finds other facts that make her less certain he was the killer. 
Befriending a dying young woman, Brandi becomes a parent by accident but her father already paid for her to attend college, she hated to waste that money but the finding of the killer or killers comes first along with her adopted daughter, Alyssa!  
Follow Brandi as she tries to unravel the mystery of their death and past lives!

T.T. Gristman

posted Jul 21, 2012, 4:00 PM by A. G. Moye

Popular Books and why they EXCITE me!

posted Feb 12, 2012, 12:53 PM by A. G. Moye

Hello Again,
Ok, so most people that are self proclaimed readers, put there noses up at popular books. Oh, not me!! No I get excited! My blood starts to rush and I giggle a little bit, and my inner me does a happy dance, and yes...sometimes the outer me!!! I LOVE this stuff! First of all it might mean merchendise. Oh yes, the evil of corrporate America, and though I know this, I still get giddy. I LOVE to read a book that everyone loves. Hey, that usuallly means I will too. That means less chapters of reading crap and thinking, "Oh, the author is going to nail it in this chapter, I can feel it!" Only to be left with a version of blue balls. I hate to stop reading a book, andd usually I'll continue on, just so I can bitch later. But I digress....
Of course, one of the most popular books that just gets me all hot and bothered and in an appropriate way, "HARRY POTTER!" Oh!! How I lauged, sat up a little straighter, carried the flashlight to bed, read in the bath..... Ok, you get the idea!! I love me some Potter. Is Potter a One Night Stand...Oh no my friend, he is a life time lover! I also know that the paraphenelia that is going to be on sale is going to be CRAZY!! I can get shirts, bumper stickers, bumbers, and convince my children to have themed birthday parties! What more could a gilr...hmmm, woman want? Then of course, there is Twilight, and we shall not go into the making of the movie....SAD but also satisfiing...but we are here to talk about the books!! I dare you not to fall in love with them! How romantic! How beautiful. Yes, this is how I wanted my life to be!! I wanted a guy who couldn't stand to touch me because his need was so great....granted that probably happened, but not nearly as poetic! I wanted a guy who was the most gorgeous in town, and who NEVER looked at all of the other beauties to see me, save my life, and swear that he will not only love me till death do us part...I wanted FOREVER!!! Hey, 56 years is a lot, but what about eternity??? I also LOVE to relive the books through the movies, so I can giggle at the characters come to life. I mean Daniel Radcliff and Robert Patterson, ummm, yes, I will HAVE me SOME of THAT, with a side order of that gorgeous werewolf brother in the HP series. Hmmmm.....I might need a moment!
Okay, I am back! Now let's pretend that I am not a young adult but a woman who has mothered three children and lived a life a responsibilites (boring I know, but play along with me!) "The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo." Holy crap!!! It scared the shit out of me, made me feel empowered, pissed me off royally, and then...made me feel like a idiot. I mean financial cooruption?? I love you at financial! But once you skilpp more of that, and yes I did, the book because pretty dan good. Even if you figure out the murderer, you still don't know how it is all going to go down, and GO DOWN it does. (Now I have the male attention) She embodies the powerful skinny woman I believe myself to be. It is also SEXY, and we all need a little written foreplay now and then. I read it knowing it was going to be a movie, but at times, pretended like I was the first on the I Love The Book Boat. Sometimes I like to do that when i hear people talking, just to screw with them you know!!! Sorry, but you do remember that I am a theatre major!!
I haven't even gotten to the Hunger Games, which satified my Harry Potter fix. I mean kids killing kids!! What could be more entertaining! (Just kidding) The whole concept isn't new, I mean look at Lord of the Flies, but this one is also a LOVE STORY!!! It is one that is twilightesce, but leaves you feeling like she rewrote the triangle and didn't take much from everyone. I am sure she did, but she does it SO DAMN well, that I can't help to feel that I am being told a new story!! And now, I am going to get shirts, buttons, stickers, boardgames (which scare the shit out of me!) and a movie!! I couldn't be more thrilled!!
So, now you know! I love bandwagons and I love me some products!! If yu haven't read them yet, get up on it!!!

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