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Saddle Spurs

This saga is a story of one John Strum Junior. His father goes off to war when he was thirteen and comes back four years later a changed man. Before he left, he bought an old slave from another plantation to teach John how to tend to their little, one hundred forty acre farm. Rufus, the old black man was teaching him how to farm and be a man. 
    John's mother was a sickly woman bedridden for as long as he could recall. His mother's father gave her a slave(Ruby) to tend to her since she was five, Ruby took care of the house doing the cooking and tending to his mother.
    At seventeen, his father returns and the Union soldiers came by taking Ruby since she was a free woman now. Ruby headed on to a big town leaving him and his father to tend to his mother. Rufus, being so old and feeling kin to John, didn't want to go to some other place, so they snuck around and converted an old shack into a home for Rufus. Crippled and barely able to get around, John would drop by and help cook for the old man'' as Rufus had good and bad days. Sometimes he could get around and helped John out in the fields of corn without John's father knowing anything.  He had ordered Rufus off the property after the Union soldiers came by telling them they were free to leave.  His father tended to stay drunk telling John it was his job to tend to the farm.
    A few months later, John's mother died. John was happy tending to the farm letting his father drink until one day his father brought home a wife and her two children. She was only ten years John's senior and acted like she not only had married his father; but he was part of the bargain.
   The death of Rufus and the advances of his step mother made John decide to leave and seek his fortunes elsewhere.
   On his own, he traveled westward from his southern home killing his first man, learning what women were all about and ending up with a wife before he knew it; learning how unpredicable life could be. Follow John in his travels and adventures.