Semester: Fall 2015
Time: Monday, 3:30pm-5:15pm
Location: CSS 0201 (Class Room)
                CSS 1220 (Lab)

Office Hours

Time: Monday 2:15pm-3:15pm
          or by appointment
Location: CSS 1223


Sylvain Guiriec
        Phone: 256-652-5753
        Emails: sylvain.guiriec@gmail.com
                 or sylvain.guiriec@nasa.gov

Kenji Hamaguchi
        Phone: 301-286-4970
        Email: kenji.hamaguchi@nasa.gov

Reseach Project in Astronomy

This intermediate-level course for astronomy majors is designed as a hands-on introduction to astrophysical research. 

The objective of this course is to introduce astronomy majors to the methods, tools, and processes that professional astronomers use in their work. Science topics include the study of high-energy phenomenona in the universe producing X- and gamma-rays. We will discuss detection methods, how to handle noise and backgrounds, and estimation of uncertainties throughout the data analysis chain. The final project will be writing a journal ready paper. 

With different backgrounds and specialties, the instructors demonstrate a wide range of techniques used by professional astronomers. Dr. Guiriec's expertise is in observation of black hole formation, Gamma-Ray Bursts, relativistic jets and more generally in high-energy phenomenona. Dr. Hamaguchi ...