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Match Catch-Up & Review

posted 5 May 2011, 01:56 by Louis Clementson

Last Tuesday saw Astley A take on our neighbours Tyldesley A at their club in the Leigh League.  All the usual suspects where there, Jack, Bram and friends and it was a good match overall with our ladies just taking their set and the 1st mens being tested by Bram & Andre but coming through with the win and the 2nd mens cruising.  In the second half some staunch resistence from Andre could not stop David & Gill taking the 1st mixed and the 3rd mens was a decent 8-5 win for us, however it was the 2nd mixed which everyone noted was still going and was very hotly contested with many rallies and much scampering around… eventually Tyldesley took the set well to rescue themselves from a bagel.  A quality 5-1 win to Astley.


Monday saw the Bolton team play their rivals Chorley C who piped them to the division 7 title last year who we followed up to Division 6.  The illustrious leader Ged Comber was injured at the sidelines but fortunately it was at home and Astley made the home advantage count with some excellent set wins and mans of the match performances from Brian & Paul winning all 3 sets.  Overall win 6-3 with two difficult away fixtures coming up.


This Tuesday, again away, Astley A took up the hospitality at the ever-hilly Lowton courts.  Lowton are a solid team with no weaknesses and who make you fight for your sets, and other than possibly a little slow start from their 1st mens they made Astley fight for everything as the match progressed.  First half saw the women going 8-8 in their epic set with 2 good set wins from the 1st & 2nd mens.  The second half saw a very closely contested 1st mixed with Stuart Fernley on-fire serving the more aces past Gill Dempsey than anyone of recent memory.  The set went with service all the way to 6-6 where myself and Gill finally took Stuart’s serve and nervously consolidated an 8-6 win.  The 2nd mixed was a well fought win for Astley’s David & Helen, but the 3rd mens which was also hotly contested with a scintillating performance from Lowton’s Eric Havard.  Fortunately Astley came away, just winning 9-7 giving a stunning 5.5-0.5 win overall.


Wednesday saw Astley A host Parr Fold A in the Walkden League, with a couple of new faces in the Parr Fold team and stalwart Ged missing it was hard to judge how this was going to go.  First half saw a good win for the 1st women, and close loss for 2nd ladies, with a 6-4 win for the 1st men, however 2nd men were slow to start and went down 0-6 giving a mountain to climb.  2nd half was another fairly close affair, 1st ladies took a close win 6-4 with 2nd ladies going down by a similar margin, overall the ladies were dead-even!  Mens however was not quite going as-planned, 1st mens took another decent 6-4 win, while 2nd mens who had indeed get into the grove after the first set could not overturn such a lead.  Loss of 33-38 overall against a quality Parr Fold side.


Next week sees:

  • Monday away v Markland Hill D.
  • Tuesday away v Leigh A.
  • Wednesday away v Claremont A.