Organized by United Nations Association, Northern California Division.

Welcome to ASTI Model United Nations Website

     The Model United Nations at Alameda Science and Technology Institute is a newly formed club, open to 9th-12th graders that have a high interest in studying foreign countries and policies. This experience includes simulations on important worldly topics and attending conferences.  Established in the fall of 2011 by our school's history teacher, Rashida Haveliwala, we are a fast and growing club. Our primary goal is to educate students about current events, diplomacy, topics in international relations, and the agenda of the United Nations. We have attended, Stanford Model United Nations, Berkeley Model United Nation, and Davis Model United Nations and plan to attend many more in the future. 

ASTI Model UN 2011-2012 Executive Board:
  • Secretary General: Kiera Sumida
  • USG of Technology: Ivan Arreola
  • USG of Finance: Karen Situ and Eddie Yu
  • USG of Internal Relations: Kathy Douglas and Tobey Lee
  • USG of External Logistics: Meriam Salem and Kasia Metkowski
  • USG of Logistics: Avery Yip
2011-2012 Conference Awards:
  • Stanford Model United Nations (SMUNC):
    • Position/Research Paper: Ivan Arreola and Meriam Salem
    • Honorable Mention (3rd place): Kristine Chin 
    • Verbal Commendation (4th place): Samuel Everett  
  • Davis Model United Nations (DMUN):
    •  Position/Research Paper: Colin Forbes

2012-2013 Conference Awards:
  • Stanford Model United Nations (SMUNC):
    • Honorable Mention (3rd place): Kathryn Douglas
    • Verbal Commendation (4th place): Adam Ames and Eddie Yu 
        Mrs. Rashida Haveliwala

    Contact Us:
        Alameda Science and Technology Institute
        555 Atlantic Ave 
        Alameda, CA 94501