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Going Global with AR

Do you want to create AR vignettes that can be viewed by anyone in the world? Participants in this session will learn to use Aurasma Pro Studio (free; account required) to create their own Aurasma channels and populate them with globally accessible auras. Participants will need to bring their own laptops (global auras cannot be created on a mobile device at this time) AND their own iOS or Android mobile device for viewing their (and others') auras. This is a followup session to Getting Started with AR.

Getting Started

  • Sign in (and see who else has signed in)
  • If you're viewing this before ASTE convenes and are going to register for the session, please go to Aurasma.com and apply for a partner account with advanced actions enabled. Here's how.
  • Download Aurasma: iOS | Android
  • On your mobile device:


  • Intro to Aurasma Studio
  • Triggers, overlays, and channels
  • Masking images, hidden overlays
  • Simple and advanced actions
  • tel: mailto: and sms: options

You should be able to:

  1. Create an aura with a single overlay that launches a web site when tapped
  2. Create an aura with a single overlay that goes full screen when double-tapped
  3. Create an aura with multiple overlays, each with a single action
  4. Create an aura with a single overlay involving multiple actions (e.g., appears then loads a URL)
  5. Create an aura with multiple overlays each involving multiple actions



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