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Getting Started with AR

Are you eager to learn more about augmented reality (AR) and begin exploring this topic? Participants in this session will learn to use Aurasma (aurasma.com) to create AR vignettes on their iOS or Android mobile devices, how to subscribe to global channels, and how to locate AR resources. Participants will be expected to bring their own mobile devices. A followup session, Going Global with AR, will cover creating globally accessible auras with Aurasma Studio.

Getting Started

  • Sign in to this session (and see who else has signed in)
  • Download Aurasma: iOS | Android
  • Download Layar: iOS | Android
  • On your mobile device:
    Layar for iOS QR code
    Layar Android QR code

Introduction to AR agenda

  • Introduction to AR (Skip Via)
  • The Captain Cook Augmented Reality Project overview (Christen Bouffard, Dan LaSota, Madara Mason, Jennifer Moss, Owen Guthrie)
  • Captain Cook walk-around (eLearning team)
  • Intro to Aurasma; creating and sharing simple auras (Skip Via)
You should be able to:
  1. Create a simple aura using Aurasma (built-in) overlays
  2. Create a simple aura using your own overlays (camera or photo library)
  3. Share your auras using email, SMS, Twitter, Facebook
  4. Make your auras public
  5. Find other participants' auras


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Subscriptions must be accessed through a mobile device. Need a free QR code reader?  iOS  Android