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Comics as Scholarship

with Brooke Sheridan

Comics and sequential art are gaining ground as modes of scholarship, the image both complementing and complicating the text. The comics medium demands that students generate word and image with intention, with results that are likely richer than text alone. I look at some of the early-adopters of comics-as-scholarship, as well as some of the tools available to help create and manipulate image and text.

The following is a comic I made on the subject here, using the comic-generating tool, Pixton. 

Comics Making Tools:

Pixton.com - and an introductory video is here 

comiclife.com - generate comics from your own photos

stripcreator.com/make.php - far less maleable than Pixton or Comic Life, but does offer a quick and simple 
                                                 approach to generating comics

dw-wp.com - Drawing Words and Writing Pictures offers more in-depth information on creating comics (by
                        hand, from scratch) and how to make useful meaning of words and pictures together 

Useful Exploring for Comics in Education, both K12 and Higher Ed

scoop.it/t/pop-culture-in-education - my own curation of material related to pop culture in education, with
                                                                 the primary focus on comics

Why can't I have pictures in my dissertation too?  - the inaugural podcast by UAF eLearning's own Chris
                                                                                     Malmberg features my own self discussing comics in

spinweaveandcut.com - Nick Sousanis' site follows the development of his dissertation in comics form

comicsclassroom.wikispaces.com - N. Sousanis' class, including a link to the syllabus

Gender through Comic Books - a Super MOOC (Massive Open Online Class) through Ball State University, with
                                                    Christina Branch.

selfcloud.net - Anastasia Salter's site with her personal blog and links to her comics- and pop culture-related
                         syllabi and course descriptions

Short Article  in The Chronicle of Higher Education on comics in the classroom (by A. Salter)

Refuting the Naysayers - A. Betts' recent rebuttal to the poorly supported argument in this article, "Wondering
                                          (Worrying?) about Graphic Novels"

Graphic Novels and High School English - Maureen Bakis' excellent site for discussion and resources related
                                                                      to using graphic novels in the classroom, useful for high school 
                                                                      and higher ed instructors

www.umass.edu/aesop/index.php -  University of Massachusetts project - students create Flash versions of Aesop's Fables, in both traditional and updated versions