I close my eyes and all I see are falling blocks. 


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by Asteron

Download Tetris-v1.0.zip


Tetris: The timeless classic finally reaches the XBMC platform!
If you aren't familiar with this game by now then there's no hope for you. Clear lines to get points. Advance through the levels for large bonuses. Take a chance and go for the 4-line clears to get the best score!

Are you up to the challenge?

You can find the latest version of this script at:


  • Online and Local Highscores - submit your best scores to the online database run by Rockstarr
  • Ghost Piece - turn on this advanced option from the pause menu to see where a piece will fall
  • Saved settings - you will only need to enter your name once but can change it later
  • Windowed mode so you can watch other things in the background!
  • Custom sounds and graphics !


  • Left - move piece left
  • Right - move piece right
  • X - rotate piece counter clockwise
  • B - rotate piece clockwise
  • Up - 'near' drop : drops the piece to just above the ground
  • A / Down - 'hard' drop : drops the piece to the ground and locks it
  • RTrigger - increases gravity
  • Start - Pause screen


  • 1-line clear - 1 point times current level
  • 2-line clear - 4 points times current level
  • 3-line clear - 9 points times current level
  • 4-line clear - 16 points times current level
  • Level Up - 15 points times new level


Each level speed increases by 40% up to a maximum speed around level 8. Surviving becomes very difficult and you should try to get as many points as you can before losing control.

High-score Strategy:

Going for nothing but 4-line clears will give you the most points in any given level. However, this tends to lead to high towers and is inherently risky. Leveling up is easier with smaller clears and will get you more quickly to the higher scoring levels. You must find a good balance between high-scoring multi-line clears and the smaller, safer clears.

Release History:

2007-01-16 - Initial public release

Screenshots :