Azureus XBMC Torrent Notification

Don't you think torrents are lovely?


XBMC Projects:

 Download Scripter 

by Asteron

Download downloadscripter_0.4.jar


 I created an Azureus plugin that can popup a small notification window in XBMC whenever a torrent completes.  The XBMC webserver must be enabled for this to work. 

 I have plans to add a lot more scripting abilities to this in the future...

Features :

  •  Pops up notification window upon torrent completion. 
  •  Notification title and content can be customized!
  • You can use fields for Torrent Name, Torrent Size, Elapsed Time, and Share Ratio for the notification


  • Download the .jar file
  • Open up Azureus
  • Click Plugins ->Installation Wizard... 
  •  Click "By File", next and browse to the .jar file 
  • open it and ignore the warning of it not an official Azureus plugin

Settings are in Tools->Options.. ->Plugins -> Download Scripter