... a stern warning is written, edited, produced, slaved over and generally given TLC by author mookie -- aka Mark to some people.
This site began as a way to voice my opinions on basketball. The direction it takes from there is dictated by the winds of the internet, screaming their way through cyberspace and into your monitor... oh, and partly by what I feel the passion to write about.
...a stern warning covers all forms of basketball, but mainly NBA, NBL and International ball. All attempts are made to keep an unbiased viewpoint on the topics on this site, for about the first paragraph or so, then each article generally degenerates when my biases come out. As is the case with author/blogger/writer. Anyone who says differently is lying.
I am an unabashed Portland Trail Blazers fan, who has seen the lows of the team (most of the late 90s and most of the 00's) and a few highs (the Clyde Drexler era and the current resurgence) and I await the Oden-Roy championship run which awaits us. Prior to their being dismantled, I was a Sydney Kings fan -- once again, plenty of highs and lows there.
Originally from Australia, I now live in the UK and try to get as worldwide a view on hoops as I can -- there are far too many USA-centric basketball blogs out there, so someone has to change it up, right?
Reading this site? Then I'm more than happy to hear from you -- it's great to know who reads what you write and that it doesn't disappear into that black of abyss of the internet. So shoot me a quick, or long email at asternwarning (that squiggly symbol) googlemail.com -- tell me what you want to read more about, ask a question or just say "OMG hi LOL!!"
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