Data Reduction


  • A dedicated data analysis tool, NEWSTAR, is available for the data from position switching observations.
  • NEWSTAR manual provided by Nobeyama Radio Observatory
  • How to install Java NEWSTAR
  • How to install Export version NEWSTAR (Japanese | English)
  • Note for data loading (especially when you are using Java-NEWSTAR):
    •  For Java-NEWSTAR users:
      • First of all, you have to rename your ASTE data files so as to meet the naming convention "NNNNNNNN.YYMMDDHHMMSS.vv.nqm", then Java-NEWSTAR will find them (where NNNNNNNN is a string up to 8 characters; YYMMDDHHMMSS is the date/time, note only 2 digits for year; vv is a number, usually 01).
      • For instance, a raw data file named have to be renamed OFF12CO.100828053827.01.nqm. ---- When renaming the file, remove the source name "off"; remove "20" in the beginning of the date/time; remove "4" which is the number of spectrometers; and add "01.nqm" at the end.
    • For AIPS NEWSTAR users:
      • You may have to use the "Raw FITS" task (you will find the button in the Utility group) to load the data into NewStar.


  • OTF data will be reduced with a tool, NOSTAR, an IDL based package developed at Nobeyama Radio Observatory.
  • OTF data reduction page (Japanese | English)
  • How to install Export version NEWSTAR (Japanese | English)


  • CASA will be available for ASTE data reduction in the 2nd quarter of 2019. (Under testing)
    • It is planned that CASA pipeline development and testing for ASTE data starts in the 3rd quarter of 2019.
  • Position switching data reduction
  • OTF data reduction

    • Sample images of integrated intensity map (made by archived CASA fits data, 3 pixel (18 arcsec) gaussian smoothing)