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    Grid Fields

  updated 12/14/2007

New logging program   02/2007



     Beacon Sites

    Mailing List

   WJ5O                                Excellent Beacon infomation

    N7LT Site

    10 Meter Beacons

    50mhz Beacons

   How To Build

   Beacon World

    Ideal Beacon




 "Must See" Sites

  Radio Pictures

   Solar Activity

   K0BG's Installation      Excellent mobile "How To"

  V/U/ Propagation

   HF Nets List

  The QSL Guide

  'How to wrk 6 mtrs'    'Great W3EP article'

   Antenna Homebrew

  Solar Cycle 24      A  great propagation site

   the "Ugly Balun"



   Digital Modes

 West Mountain Radio

 WSJT Homepage

 WSJT Group

 PSK31 Article

 Digipan 2.0

  Please Support RSQ

                  Ham Radio Links   


       Dx Cluster

                         144 mhz Logger

                         50 mhz Logger

                                   OH2AQ Cluster

                         VHF Sked Setup


        Operating Aids

                                  QTH Locator

                                  Radio Jargon

                                Bearing Calculator

                                  Calling Frequencies

                                QRZ Ham Calls

                                Grey Line Mapping             

                               Space Weather

                               Contest Links

                       DXLab  Excellent logging software

                                  Ham Software  Great programs



       Ham Stores

                                   Texas Towers

                        Lakeview Company

                                    Universal Radio

                        Complete Listing


        Yaesu Radio Pages 


                                    Yaesu Home Page  

                                   FT-847 Review 

                         FT-847 QST Magazine Review 

                                    FT-847 FAQ

                         FT-857 Review

                         FT-897 Review

                                      Yaesu Mods.


                                      FT-1802 Service Mods

                                      FT-1802 Review



       D-104 Microphones

                                 Astatic Company

                         Classic Upgrades

                                    Custom D-104


      Sales Flyer  circa - 1931

                  Heil Conversion Review

                                 Spec. Sheet (1977)

                                D-104 Preamp