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                                             Located at Lake White, Ohio  45690 


                                  Remote Beacon Site:  EM89lk


           Grid Loc.  EM89lc                                 CQ ZONE: 4                

          Lat. N 39 06. 710                                County: Pike

          Lon. W 083 01 .658                             Qsl: Direct Only

          Qth:198.7m / 652' ASL                         Lake:174m / 571' ASL  

                                                ITU Region: 2      



          144.284 MHZ                    50.064 MHZ                      28.228 MHZ


         N8LGL/b              OHIO               N8LGL/b                 PSE QSL                  N8LGL/b    

    I have been in the Hobby for over 10 years. My first callsign was KC8LGL.  My first QSL card.  I really enjoy working the weak signals modes  on  50, 144 and 432 mhz. and also working the different modes of  propagation ... Meteor Scatter,Tropospheric Ducting, Aurora, E- Skip and F2. 

       There are a few articles on my Link Page that refer to working the different types of propagation on the VHF/UHF bands.  These websites are excellent sources of information.

       Presently I have 109 grid locators  and 3 countries  verified (United States ,Canada and Cuba) on 144 mhz. 

         Always looking for skeds with Caribbean stations. Please  eMail for Meteor Skeds on 2 meters.

       CO2OJ  EL82ng  in Cuba on 2 meters, via M.S. for a  distance of 1,909.0 km / 1,186.25 miles was a great contact.  While on the 2 meter subject, my longest contact via E-skip propagation is with W0LD DM78ow  for a distance of 1,874.6 km / 1,164.8 miles.

       My longest contact via tropo, on 144mhz is KM0T EN13vb for a distance of 1186.4 km / 737.2 miles (August 1999).    

     Please see  N8LGL's 144 mhz Map                        

    I recently, August 2007, began to experiment with the Digital modes and have been having excellent results  with  BPSK31 on 10 meters. Currently I have 9 countries via the digital mode of BPSK31.   BPSK31 Totals

     My farest contact so far on BPSK31 is LW8DZP GF05th for a distance of 8,588.8 km / 5337.1 miles. Not too bad  considering very poor bands conditions durning the contact, at the end of Cycle 23.

     On 50mhz., I have 97 countries and over 650 grids squares on 6 meters.  Station equiptment ranged from a Icom 706 and 3 element Cushcraft to a FT 847, SB 220 and a 7 element M2 antenna. The latter sure makes a difference in pile up situations and long range tropo contacts.  


        OH7KM KP11vj and LA2WKA JO50ir were excellent examples of 50mhz. muti hop to Europe during Cycyle 23.



   YU1EXY KN04ft  was a nice Qso from Yugoslavia on   50 mhz durning a E-skip  opening - 7,934.0 km /4930.1 miles.          


                           A very nice QSL card from VP6BR in the Pitcairn Islands CG55XX  8462.2 km/5258.4 miles, while OH2BR was on DXpedition in 2000, worked on 50.117 mhz.


                CN8LI IM63nx AND ES1AJ KO29hk were nice multi hop contacts to Africa and Europe on the 50 mhz. band in 2001.


      N8LGL  has been awarded W.A.S. V.U.C.C. and W.A.C. on  50 mhz.

    I recently began to operate on 28 mhz and have worked 54 countries,  as of Feb. 26 ,2008 .  My longest QSO, so far on 10 meters has been VP8LP GD18bh  for a distance of 10,387.21 km / 6,454.61 miles.                        10 meter totals: 10 Meter Log  and  N8LGL Log   New logging program started 02/2007

      PE4BAS  JO33ik (6608.3 km / 4106.4 miles) returned to me  confirmation  for working The Netherlands. I was very excited to be his 1st contact from the USA on 10 meters.You may wish to check his QSL page on his website!



My 1st Maritime Mobile contact on 10 meters, UT1FG, south of Barbados.


       Working W1AIM  FN34uj  on 432 mhz was a great contact for me via tropo.  A distance of 1,067.09 km / 663.08 miles. 

      N8LGL's  WAS map for 432 mhz.                                               

   N8LGL  likes QRP at times, please check out the card from NL7ZW BP71iw for  a 50 mhz contact using 2 watts. For a distance of 4796.8 kms / 2980.7 miles.  That calculates to 1490.3 miles per watt.



       I have been known to work the  LEO satellites at time. Please see my Satellite cards. I worked W1AW  FN31pq  via UO-14.

   N8LGL had the pleasure of working, via AO-27W3ADO FM18. They were operating for the yearly Army-Navy football game.



    K5PK/KP2 FK77 was a extremely nice AO-27 contact from the U.S.V.I.  Operator was using a 5 watt HT  and had a 5/9 signal report into the satellite.

    I don't think a section on Satellites is complete without listing NA1SS, the International Space Station.                               

   Most of my VHF/UHF long distance contacts were made at my other QTH, which I still use, with long boom antennas. My  crank up/fold over tower consists of M2 products: 18x2 elements  for 432 mhz, 2M5WL (18 elements)  for 144 mhz and a 6M7JHV (7 element) for 50 mhz.






           The following radios are in the shack:

                                  Yaesu VX 150

       Yaesu FT 857                                   Yaesu FT 897

     Yaesu FT-847                                  Yaesu FT 1802







A window view from the Shack.                                                                                             



                                          Heil  Pro Set HC-4

                                          Yaesu MH-31 

                                          Custom D-104


                                                              Yaesu YS-60

                                                               Rigblaster plus 







         4 ELEMENT 2  METER YAGI  S.S.B.


    J- POLE 440   F.M.







                                   To test propagation N8LGL uses beacons:

               28.228 khz  - 50.064 mhz.( Under constriction) - 

          144.284 mhz.





       Here is a 'How To Do It Site'  N8LGL's Beacon Page

         Please check out the link page  N8LGL Link Page 


        N8LGL uses a FT-847 for Satellite, Digital and 50 mhz. contacts, a      FT-857 is used for 28 khz. and 144 mhz. weak signal.

     N8LGL also uses  a FT- 897 for 28 khz. beacon monitoring, local FM contacts and listening to the Air Bands and for SWL.


                                For skeds pse eMail: n8lgl@amsat.org  

                                      For web comments:  astech@bright.net

                                                     Beacon Reports click here





    My favorite Hilltopping site, only 12.8 km / 8 miles from Lake White.  

   Scioto Trails State Park  320m /1052' ASL

 The far ridge is about 28.0 km/18 miles away.

  I will be mobile for the Spring '08 E season using a FT-857, various Hamstick antennas and either a Palm Viix or  Palm Treo 680 using MiniLog v.1 for logging.


        I will post a mobile log on this site, when time and conditions allow.  




 01/30/2008  .....   FT-857 installed in the FORD F-150



 02/03/2008  ....   First opening from the

mobile (10 meters) worked three Flordia stations, one PY and one LW station, so I am very pleased with the install.