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Game Train Your Brain, Can Help Sharpen Your Reflexes and Keep Thinking Fast.

ALifePower (old name: Sudoku Express) game is an incredible puzzle entertainment, train your brain. Also it is a unique 3D game and provide a sense of achievement. Game base on Sudoku, fill in the grid of color layer so that every row,every column, and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through 9. You solve the puzzle with logic reasoning, depending on your skill and experience. Otherwise game add intuition, recognition, patience,memory and count test.

ALifePower game has been touted by some teachers as an exercise in logical reasoning, patience, mnemonic memory and count. Because the game can be geared towards a specific age group or experience level researchers feel that the game is perfect for anyone. The challenge of having to use logical reasoning, memory,count is the key to game becoming a tool for player who want a brain stimulus.

ALifePower game is fun, challenging, and addictive!

More playing ALifePower game will HELPS YOU if you....

  • Reasoning: Game trains your reasoning ability. Game include Sudoku solve by logic reasoning only.It can accomplish providing exercise for the brain. Because the game is logically based.
  • Patience: Game trains your patience ability. Game takes patience and reasoning to complete you are using a part of their brain.
  • Memory: Game trains your memory ability. Game is a program that designed to improve your mnemonic memory. It's based on memory exercises. Test your memory skills with least number of tries possible.
  • Intuition: Game trains your intuition ability. Game based on what you "feel" is the right , rather than calculating complex variations.
  • Recognition: Game trains your recognition ability.Game include number, color and 3D recognition.
  • Count: Game trains your count ability. Game challenges player to develop counting, sequencing, and one to one correspondence.

It's simple ... more playing game helps YOU Enhance Quality of Life!


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  • Even the best palying letter is wasted.
  • The best game in the world goes unnoticed.
  • The greatest game invented is meaningless.
  • No matrix in the world can succeed.
  • Powerline systems remain empty and unproductive.

ALifePower game is the key to success keep your thinking fast.


You will soon get addicted to ALifePower.

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  1. ALifePower game is Excellence: Game train your right Brain (spatial reasoning and mental imagery) and left brain (combined with strong nonverbal logic).Game good for creative thinking & improve both your IQ & EQ.
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  3. ALifePower game is Automated: Install it in several minutes.
  4. ALifePower game is Targeted: Our game ensures you get only real to enhance your quality of life.
  5. ALifePower game win Award: Game has gained several award.
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