The ASMT took place on February 13, 2016. Problems and Solutions and Results have been posted.

The A-Star Math Tournament (ASMT) is a math competition for high school students. Many of the organizers are former organizers of the Stanford Math Tournament, and we are working with Star League to start a new math tournament to replace the SMT. We hope to capture some of the energy and tradition from our prior tournament experience. We believe that math tournaments are really special opportunities for students to engage with fun and challenging problems, and to meet and interact with their peers from other schools. Our goal is to foster a stimulating exchange of ideas. Most of all, we hope that everyone has fun doing math!

ASMT 2016 will be held at King's Academy in Sunnyvale, CA on February 13, 2016More information can be found here.

Register for ASMT 2016

You can register for ASMT at

The registration deadline was on 11:59 PM Pacific time on January 31, 2016. The fee for registering teams before the registration deadline is $12 per person. Please have your payment postmarked by January 31 for on-time registration. Payment must be postmarked by the payment deadline to meet the registration deadline. 

At this time, late registration is still available for the ASMT. The fee for registering teams remains at $12 per person. If you have not yet mailed your payment for the ASMT, do not mail a payment to us. Instead, please confirm your registration as soon as possibleby emailing us at, and bring your payment to the tournament. 

Full registration rules and information can be found on our information page.

About ASMT

Teams compete in groups of up to eight students. The contest consists of an individual portion as well as a team portion.

Team Portion

The entire team will collaborate to complete the Power Round and Guts Round. Teams may not collaborate with each other.

The Guts Round is an 80-minute exam consisting of 27 questions, organized in 9 sets of 3 questions, testing material from all areas of high school mathematics.

The Power Round is a 90-minute, multi-part, proof-oriented exam. If focuses on a single topic that will be revealed and introduced at the beginning of the test.

Individual Portion

Students may choose to take two Subject Tests or take the longer General Test. Students may not collaborate with each other on the individual tests.

The Subject Tests are 50-minute individual exams consisting of 10 short answer questions. The subjects offered are Discrete Math, Algebra, Calculus, and Geometry.

The General Test is a 110-minute test that is designed for students with less mathematical background. It is held at the same time as the subject area tests and contains 25 short answer questions.

For full rules and more detailed information, see our Contest Information page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Make sure to check the rules page for detailed information regarding ASMT. If your question is not answered below, feel free to contact the ASMT coordinators at


Q: How many students may be on a team?

A: A team may consist of one to eight students.

Q: What should I do if I do not have enough people to form a complete team?

A: If you are interested in joining with other incomplete teams, you can indicate this on the registration form. You can also choose to compete as an incomplete team. However, teams of fewer than eight students will be at a disadvantage.

Q: Can I participate in ASMT remotely?

A: No. All participants in ASMT must compete at the tournament location on the day of the contest. If you cannot compete in person, you may view the problems and solutions online shortly after the conclusion of the contest.

Q: Do students on the same team have to be from the same school?

A: No. Traditionally, teams are comprised of students from the same school, but this is not required. There is no limit to how many teams a school can bring.

Q: Can international teams participate in ASMT? If so, how do they register?

A: Yes! International teams can definitely participate in ASMT and can register via the same online form. Invitation letters are available upon request.


Q: Are calculators allowed?

A: No. Calculators are not allowed on any portion of the tests. Check the contest information page for more details on permitted items.

Q: Can I take only the individual test?

A: Yes. You can choose to do so by indicating on the registration form. Your team will not receive any points for the tests it does not take.

Q: What topics may appear on the tests? How hard are the tests?

A: See the mathematical expectations document for guidelines on what topics may appear on each test. It is also advisable to look at tests from previous years of ASMT and SMT in order to get a sense of the typical style and difficulty of our tests.

Q: Which individual test should I take?

A: If you have little or no experience with contest math, we strongly recommend you take the General Test. Looking at past ASMT and SMT tests will help you get a sense of the difficulty of each test.


Q: Will food be provided?

A: For lunch, you can order pizzas and drinks in the registration form.

Q: Do we need to have a teacher or coach attend ASMT in person?

A: No, you are not required to have a teacher or coach at the tournament.

Q: How do I get to the tournament location?

A: The tournament will be located at King's Academy in Sunnyvale, CA. You can find a map here.