Activations How To - Siebel


    • Inform the customer that the Handset and Letter are shipped separately. Handset is by FedEx and the Approval letter is through the postal system. The handset is likely to arrive first. Advise the customer that the letter should shortly follow.

1. Coverage and Serial Number Validation

  • Ask if they are bringing in a number from another carrier or if they want a new number.
    • If bringing in a number follow procedures to get the customer to the LNP team
    • If they want a new number please tell them "It'll be subject to the Terms of Service that are in the phone package and on our website at". 
      • Ask if the customer has received the Approval Letter, if they don't have the letter, proceed here
HOW TO in Siebel
1. Customer Accounts > Network Provisioning
2. Put in Zip Code and ESN [To assist customer in finding ESN click here
3. Click "Check Coverage/Validate ESN"              

If you receive an error, while verifying coverage, that there is no service in the area for the zip code connected to the lifeline key, you can try another zip that is close by.

If ESN/ZIP error is encountered, proceed to Troubleshooting

2. Customer Information and Lifeline Key

  • First Name and Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Establish Account PIN - 6 digits [can be any important date. Cannot be like "111" or "123"]
  • Secret Question
    • Back up if Account PIN was forgotten
    • Ask first Mother's Maiden Name or Pet's Name. Do not itemize all questions unless customer asks for other options
  • Alternate Phone Number
  • Select Lifeline in Offer Type

  • Click Start Activation. The page goes to Service Activation Page.
  • Scroll down and click Activate Service.

  • Lifeline Key Prompt appears. Enter Lifeline/Assurance Wireless Key located in their approval letter. Click here for sample letters.

  • Zip Code Prompt appears. Enter Zip Code from Approval Letter. This has to match the one in the letter. If you encounter errors, click here.
  • Confirmation that entries were successful appears.

  • Plan confirmation will show. Click Yes.
  • Siebel will provide you the number. 

If you see a different prompt like the screenshot below. It simply means that you have to enter the MEID manually when needed during the phone programming.

3. Register a credit card

You can register and pay with credit/debit card then you can Top-Up instantly right from your phone whenever you need money in your account. 
Would you like to register a credit/debit card now?

If yes:
  1. In Top-Up Profile appIet select New
  2. Select appropriate RegPmt Setting 
    - Use it for my monthly charges 
    - Just keep on file for Top-Ups
  3. Fill in Credit Card Number, Credit Card Type and Expiration Date 
    - If Name and Address already on account, it will auto populate the fields 
    - If not, fill in all information, ask for correct spelling
  4. Fill in CVV Number
  5. Select Validate
  6. To activate account select Activate Service
  • Click here for screenshot. 

4. Program

  • Program. Take note of Phone Model. Go here for Programming. [Phone Emulator here] You can see the phone model, MEID in the same screen in SIEBEL. Refer to screenshot below. 

Advise the Customer

You will receive an alert on your handset when you are able to place and receive calls. Then please wait 4 hours to set up your voicemail, send text messages, or access Downloads like ringtones.

5. Top Up

  • To go back to account, select Siebel application in task bar (bottom of screen)
    1. Select Top-Up to assist customer with Topping-Up their account
    • Click here for screenshot.
    The Top-Up page will open
    1. Confirm Top-Up applet is open
    2. Select New to start new Top-up
    3. Select Payment Method being used by customer 
      - Continue with Top-Up. 
      - If customer wants Minute Pack - select it after Top-Up is complete.
    • Click here for screenshot. 

6. Recap/Reinforce

    1. Go to the Quick Balance page
    2. Review balance on account
    3. Remind customer of plan name
    4. Provide Current Through Date (CTD)
    5. Remind customer of Account PIN
    6. Lastly remind of self service: 
      - Once you're set up, you can manage almost everything right from your phone. 
      - Go to Menu > My Account > My Virgin Mobile and you can add money, change plans, and more! 
      - Thank you for choosing Assurance Wireless. Enjoy your new service.
    • Click here for screenshot.