Mission Statement

We believe that every primary school pupil should be given the opportunity to explore the creative potential of computing through coding and programming and at secondary and tertiary levels every learner should have the opportunity to work with micro-controllers and robotics. We shall continually endeavour to supply this education to ALL through sustainable Social Enterprise.

We will continue to offer Employability Skills courses and qualifications for Secondary and Tertiary learners through Social Enterprise.

Assurability CIC will work with the best Education and Training Providers throughout Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Essex to provide independent, vigorous and robust Quality Assurance to the highest standards 'Assuring Candidate Ability' for ALL learners.

Assurability CIC will work in partnership with the best education and training providers for the education of ALL learners, using steward leadership which advocates service over self interest and is defined as a form of leadership that focuses on others, the community and society at large.