Teaching Computing (University of East Anglia)

posted 13 Oct 2009, 00:54 by Peter Lowe   [ updated 7 Apr 2016, 08:16 ]
I am currently taking a course in 'Teaching Computing' on line with The UEA, as part of this course I am creating some free quizzes to test learner vocabulary.

Please find below a link to a 'Scatter Test' of vocabulary and terminology useful for the new National Curriculum Computing (Sept 2014).

Database Terminology

Computing at School Computer Science Glossary

Computer Architecture (Revision)

Units of Storage 

Python Glossary (From Python for Beginners)

Writing your first Python Game

The new National Curriculum - Computing is different from ICT in that it has three main elements:

Digital Literacy - Which deals with how learners are going to be using the technology and keeping them safe online. Helping them make the bestchoice of technology, appropriate for the task they want to solve.

Information Technology - The way learners are using particular applications and software or systems to solve real life problems 

Computer Science - The algorithms, the way in which data is being used and being presented, how physically this is being done, what each bit of hardware does, how algorithms are used in the software to generate results that are meaningful to the learner.

As we run through The National Curriculum we will move from Visual Programming using 'Scratch and Blockly into our first Textural Language, Small Basic. We will then bridge from Small Basic to Python the language most local schools will be teaching at Key Stage 4.

To help with the transition between Visual Programming and using a Textural Language I have uploaded a starter PowerPoint presentation, which I have simply adapted from freely available Small Basic literature file:///H:/Introducing%20Small%20Basic.pdf