Terracide Lyrics

1.   Climate Control


she said head underground my son

till the devil's work is done

till the gods fall from the sky

and every single cyborg deity dies


no time to say goodbye

          she scales the great bird's wings and soars above the trees

clenched fists and crying fists

          raz staggers towards the mines, red eyes glued to the sky

cool breeze and golden leaves

          the calm before the storm, before the holy war

leave home, leave all alone

          keep faith and trust in mom, he sings the spirit song


ghosts from the dead

          take form again

                   cast horrid hexes

                             protect us

from false iron gods

          with brass dagger claws

                   bronze tax collectors

                             our spectres

will smash and shatter shields

          make tin titans kneel

                   steel versus magic

                             our dances

summon ghouls and harpies

          undead spirit armies

                   our source of power

in our hour of urgent need they'll keep with us and turn machines to dust


in darkness, in filth

          the kids too young to kill

all screaming, all scared

          all shitting and pissing in panic

abandoned by parents

          at war the lords of the stars

the stones tremble

          a battle is raging above


silent we're not dead yet

          raz's piercing cry echoes through the mine

be brave and keep the faith

          think how life will be free from tyranny

no debts, to tax, no rents

          no roc extinction crisis, creature sacrifices

have hope sing with your souls

          our moms will maul the gods, he sings the spirit song


the silence, so still

          they climb from the mines and they freeze

all frosted, all tundra

          as far as the eye can see

no movement, no answers

          just icicles hanging like fangs

the fear, the anguish

          a child plucks ice from a pile

she shrieks in horror

          and raz turns and sees what she's holding

a head, his mother

          frozen and broken in pieces

in limbs, in organs

          the gods left a planet of orphans

an ice age, a cell

          a lifetime to contemplate hell



2.  The Feast


a pure organic man

          the kitchen's thickest pious fry man

a deacon in day's past

          till his faith betrayed him, the gods enslaved him

put a spatula in his hand

          now he whips and curdles, whispers words of

discontent to the staff


every day for a dozen years

          raz has served the meals

                   in the mayor's mansion

raz washes dishes

          mops the kitchen

                   he works and listens to the deacon's whispers

your apron's a mark of your worthlessness

          what is worse than this

                   scrubbing shit and piss

what would happen if we sacked the mansion

          held the mayor captive

                   made our freedom the ransom


aprons in the trash

          take a knife and take your life back

taste the blood at last

          the dripping throats our sweet ambrosia

the deacon raves and rants

          the mansion's mine now tan my hides

take the children in the back

          carve them up


raz stands in a corner

          shrieks in horror

                   at the blackest madness

they're animals

          they're cannibals

                   and the deacon's a demon

raz screams


                    let them be, let's flee

but the deacon just grins at him

          make a dish of him

                   then they're running with blood on their teeth


raz closes his eyes,  grant me wings so i can fly

          to a world without walls

                   no monsters, no gods

baby ribs, baby spine, grant me wings so i can fly

          from this heart of human misery

                   from the hearts that they are nibbling

the dream was a lie, grant me wings so i can fly

          every answer heralds terror

                   every holy man's a slayer

hear me spectres and sprites, grant me wings so i can fly

          i see rapture and perdition

                   i will preach the old religion

he feels a fire inside and his soul begins to rise

          the deacon's feast is fading

                   and the scene's evaporating

he knows that he's alive and he knows he cannot die

          he's weeping with the clouds

                   the birds, the bees, the bells



3.   Lycanthropy


twilight and krysta's itching for a bite

          she sees her family

                   so she slips into the bathroom

sneaks a last glance

          then she whips the window open and escapes

into the wild night where every stranger's selling secrets

          every corner has a camera

                   every cops a crook and addict

there's a safe place

          in the sewers where the hounds transfigurate


lawless, jobless - scream the censored sonnets

undressed, confessed - mix illicit tonics

lush lips, small sips - feel the fury foment

wolf's hair, fangs bared - race to force attonement


midnight and krysta's aching for a fight

          she winces through the tunnels

                   with her sisters and her brothers

under downtown

          to the district where the princes party late

bloodlust - krysta lives and lusts for guts

          all her friends are salivating

                   all are werewolves now and craving

then they pounce out

          to the dance clubs where there's flesh to feed the hate


lawless, jobless - screams and severed bodies

undressed, confessed - righteous thoughtless violence

lush lips, prime rib - feel the fury foment

wolf's brain, fangs stained - race to force attonement


see this as a penalty to a society

where we're raised to be royalty, climb bureaucracy

where soldiers become deities, free to torch and freeze

where terracide is a policy, is democracy

where refugees become property, slaves to dukes and kings

where every day is calamity, is insanity


lawless, jobless - normal teenage bodies

undressed, confessed - flee the scenes of violence

one less, two less - the dead will need replacements

was this worthless? can chaos equal progress?

back home, tiptoe to the bathroom window

crawl in, fall in, and vomit up the blood



4.   The Disciple


sixty stories tall

          a mountain of a mall

                   the shopper's shang-ri la

creams for cleaner teeth

          draughts for deeper sleep

                   cats that dance and speak

in the food court's fragrant air

          it's bright flourescent glare

                   a preacher mounts a chair


burgers down, crowd around

          heed the warning i sound

i see plague and peril and perdition

          a tradition of sin

drop your bags, raise your hands

          sing the sermons of raz

empty out your pockets for the prophet

          for the miracle man


most avert their eyes

          a mad fanatic's cries

                   focus on your fries

others leer and jeer

          look at loony here

                   says the end is near

some stare luridly

          like a murder scene

                   mall security


silence fools, time to choose

          and there's no time to lose

is your faith in spirits or appearance

          can the products you buy

purify, sanctify

          aid you after you die

i speak raz's truth here and the proof's here

          in the air beneath my feet


the preacher snaps his eyes shut

and the man begins to rise up

          towards the ceiling and he spreads his  arms like wings

the people eating stand up

half the food court throws their hands up

          hundreds fleeing, hundreds screaming 'we believe'

we believe


salvation comes at a costly price

          they harrass us, arrest us, attack us, indenture us

raz demands supreme sacrifice

          a penniless army, we witness like martyrs

life's a hammer, a means to an end

          and death is the home where you live when it's over

live in sin and you'll build your walls thin

          damnation awaits those who drift through with eyes closed


the guards arrive like lions

cyborgs roaring over sirens

          the mall is closed, head home, forget this heresy

the crowd falls still and silent

there's justice in those rifles

          and from above the preacher thunders 'we believe'

we believe


head over heals he plants his feet on the lights

see this as my bliss, as my sacrifice

he's dropping like a rocket towards the tables below

headfirst, fried rice, and his body explodes


kids are crying

          guards are firing

                   clear the crime scene

speak a word of this

          the state will learn of it

                   stake the world on it

so they turn their backs on the

          mass epiphany

                   whispering 'we believe'



5.   The Virus


it's always darker when she's drinking

she's always drinking when it's dark

they used to call her sister krysta

but no one calls her anymore

piss like razors - covered in boils and dripping pus

sick, contagious - she's got the virus in her blood

and now they're saying there's an answer

if you can answer to the law

her records growing like a cancer

her list of references is small

she's infected - wasting away to skin and bone

weak and desperate - her only choice is heading home


roc cab to the island where her dad

          keeps his castle in the sand

you swine, he says, your rags reek of wine

          you're no daughter of mine

you left, chose a life of drugs and theft

          you're a dog, you'll have a dog's death

save your breath, i've declared you an orphan

          you forfeit your fortune

please dad, I didn't come to beg for cash

          can't you see I'm fading fast?

it's the virus - our blood still unites us

          show mercy your highness

he snarls, you'll have your cure but there's a charge

          and he calls his angel guards

brass arms, gold wings and steel hearts

          seize her fast and depart


flying low above the sea

          can it be he's saving me?

the city moans in poverty

          stripping corpses on the street


they land - a regal rooftop aeropad

          fasten fetters on her hands

12th floor - they storm in a courtroom

          her dad mounts a rostrum

witness the awful price of lenience

          a girl benighted and bereft

drab dreck - beware of your daughters

          be firm trenchant fathers

plangent - a captive in our viral net

          she's suffered long, she'll suffer yet

her set - feral youth, fetid adults

          she'll set an example

take note - she'll have her precious antidote

          she'll live until she learns to choke

in a cell - your life's at an end

          join the limp living dead


sobbing, sweating, wet with rage

          father don't abandon me

enuresis on the stage

          grinning guards drag her away


I swear on my blood I'll escape, find a gun

          and repay you

you're all vile and the people despise you

          they'll rise and defy you

at the gate they force a drink down her throat

          then they gag and contort her

into a cage - she loads like luggage on a plane

          headed for darker days



6.   The Pit


smashing with his fist

          he snaps her sun-scorched pelvis like a twig

the stadium-seated mob applauds the kid

          till alexis catches his neck and gives a twist


broken and bloodied

          pork in the pit

strapped to a stretcher

          vomiting shit

trucked to a bunker

          alive by a thread

you kill for the kickbacks

          rest when you're dead

the medical fortress

          a castle of clones

a warehouse of organs

          a factory for bones

they swap out her body

          waist to her feet

she's healthy and wealthy

          at least for a week


the cameras are trained

          the mob's in their seats

alexis does stretches

          and hums to the beat

the gate cringes open

          her challenge arrives

a gaunt scrawny runaway

          with red sunken eyes


teeth gritting, kill quickly, no pity

          fool of a slave

she strides over sand towards the man

          standing still in his place

the man mumbles, the earth rumbles, she trips

          stumbles flat on her face

the horde gasps, a roar blasts above

          thunderclaps - voice of a god


our sect and our message is growing and thriving

the media moguls ignore us, deny us

today we go public on live television

i'm raz and i've come here to murder the wicked

the souls of the clones scream for vengeance, for blood

all present will perish

are war's begun


the sky darkens, a cry startles the crowd

          all eyes turns upward towards the clouds

                   an army massing, casting shadows down

a can lands softly in the sand

          then fumes are spreading through the stands

                   chaos panic, a chemical massacre

alexis smells her death a breath away

          payment for all the men she's slain

                   and the clones the company's enslaved

raz hovers above the pit

          the self-assured eyes of a self-righteous shit

                   then he's escaping, levitating out of reach


well i may be guilty but nobody's blameless

and i won't be killed by self-righteous blood agents

she leaps, grabs his ankle and hitches a ride

towards and uncertain future, too stubborn to die



7.   The Living Dead


in the living dead penitentiary

          where they rip out your voice box

                   and stuff you in cell blocks

where prison terms are in centuries

          where guards gamble on slit wrists

                   which zombie looks weakest

where suicide whispers tenderly

          where death is a blanket

                   a tempting escape and

dismemberment is the penalty

          for signing through cell bars

                   for code tapped on cell walls

still sane zombies will take the risk

          each message is priceless

                   a pill for the madness

yes news from the outside is treacherous

          but the need it, it feeds them

                   it keeps them from plucking a vein


old conner in cell block seventy

          has been waiting for decades

                   for news from his comrades

lately there's talk of insurgency

          the guards chitter nervously

                   sensing emergency

zombies are signing with urgency

          the rebels have risen

                   they'll visit the prison tonight


conner is rapping walls recklessly

          he's spreading the message

                   the rebels directions

now everyone's working collectively

          the sign for the breakout

                   is closed fist with palm out

the price of your freedom's just bravery

          when you see the sign, stop, break the lock off

                   and run for your lives


strobe lights and sirens, electrical fires

          one click and the doors are ajar

the first fellow zombies, the gaunt ghastly bodies

          embrace and then hasten away


chaos and infernos, cannon fire echoes

cut a course at random, lurching through the shadows


grave stony rebels with flame-spewing rifles

          tell conner to follow them out

the fresh burning corpses, relentless, remorseless

          the guards are like logs for the flames


what would life be like outside walls, outside dungeons

and what would life be like with a sunrise and sunset

and wouldn't it feel nice just to slump against a

          tree trunk and sleep


but will there be a place for a codger like conner

a haggard hoary mute so removed from the modern

undocumented, homeless, and friendless

          the sentence remains


is he even capable of loving relationships

is jail inescapable, incurable, fatal

so easy to succumb to the smoke

          asphyxiation, release


but it's worth it for a final chance to feel like a free man

it's better to die standing than to live on your knees and

he'll fight for air in solidarity

          and he won't die alone


fallen twitching rebels, faces melt like candles

bursting through the exit, choking on the fresh air


the living dead penitentiary lights the sky

          with bellicose flames a mile high

                   and he thinks to himself

                             "so this is liberation"

as the survivors struggle to board the crafts

          as they watch their nightmare collapse at last

                   they all sign to each other

                             "so this is liberation"