Add-ons are user-contributed extensions that add new capabilities to Assox. Several of those extensions can also be used as standalone system utilities.

Each add-on includes a readme file that explains how to use the add-on with Assox.

If you have developed an add-on for Assox, contact us about adding it to this page.

Unofficial Bamboo Settings Utility (UBSU)

Unofficial Bamboo Settings Utility helps you backup & restore Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet preferences. Presumably works with other models too.

Supports command line switches thus you can backup or restore settings silently.

Also can be used as a standalone portable application.



LocateOpener helps you finding the associated application of a given filetype, and also helps you identifying unknown files.

The unknown file can be analyzed using the free TrID utility or using user-defined online file analyzers such as File Extension Seeker.


CMG (C'mon Guys!)

CMG launches shortcuts in a directory, one after other.

You can use CMG as an alternative startup launcher or as a multi-launcher
(or as whatever you want).


WallPro - the revitalizing wallpaper changer!

WallPro allows setting Desktop background quickly based on ini config or using command line.

With almost 100 input formats and various features (timed wallpaper change, next, random, calendar modes, etc) it will really bring life to your desktop!

WallPro can also be used as a standalone portable application.

 Download      Download extra wallpapers 

Blond or Brunette? (BorB)

With this Assox add-on you can display a pop-up dialog when double-clicking on a file, asking with which one of two applications you would like to open the file.

This can be handy if you cannot decide which application to use as default, or when you often have to open a specific filetype with different applications (e.g. when different versions of an application is needed).
Because BorB displays the pop-up dialog AFTER you double-clicked on a file, there's less chance you accidentally launch the wrong application.



CopyNames is a tool to quickly copy file paths to the clipboard.
It can be used via SendTo menu.

It can copy full path with extension (X:\File.ext), filename with extension (File.ext), filename only (File).



LocateTarget is a little tool to quickly discover the target of a shortcut (.lnk file) by right-clicking it and selecting "Locate Target". 
The target file will be shown in Explorer (and will be selected).

You can also specify a custom application instead of Windows Explorer.


PS+Ai Thumbs

This is a tiny tool to show Photoshop (PSD) and Illustrator (EPS) file thumbnails in Explorer (only in thumbnails view).

Thumbnails are also visible in other applicatons (e.g. Total Commander).

Does not work on Windows 7!



This is a tiny utility to quickly and silently import .reg files into the Windows registry.
Place .reg files inside the ADD or REMOVE folders and start ReREG.exe.
You will be asked which directory to use.

ReREG can perform asymmetric registry actions (add-and-remove, add-only, remove-only). ShellNew support: you can use your own templates from the context menu (New).



WindowsPlaces is a tiny tool to change the locations in the Windows Places Bar
(locations are the icons that appear in the left side pane of open/save dialogs).

Changes can be undone.