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On the road to Association Subscribers Manager / Kurabu 3.3

posted Jul 10, 2010, 4:27 AM by Arnaud Dupuis
The work is in progress for the next release.
Association Subscribers Manager 3.3 will see many improvements : German translation (thanks to Sascha Manns), an HTML mail editor, a plugin system and (if all goes well) the possibility to connect to databases.
This last point require a lot of work to make the base code of Association Subscribers Manager more flexible and more extensible when talking about storage capacities.
I will also slowly incorporate the work done by the KDE Finance Apps group (that might not be ready for 3.3 version though).

The 3.3 release will also see a huge change : Association Subscribers Manager becomes Kurabu (wich means "Club" in Japanese and his pronounce "K(u)labu"), much more easier to spell and say ^_^.

Arnaud Dupuis