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Association Subscribers Manager v3.2 is out !

posted Apr 11, 2010, 3:55 AM by Arnaud Dupuis   [ updated Apr 11, 2010, 4:04 AM ]

I am very pleased to announce the immediate availability of Association Subscribers Manager 3.2 codename "Frenchies" !
This one is a major bugfixe version and feature improvement of Association Subscribers Manager.
I want to thanks particularly all testers and bug reporters that helps me make this version, particularly : Sandra Spadaccini and Max Buttjer. They helped a lot by testing the Mac OS X and Windows versions. They reported many bugs and helped a lot to improve some critical features like the custom fields.
I also want to welcome a new contributor : Nicolas Lécureuil. He is taking care of the Mandriva package.

As everyone may see there is a lot of French peoples that helped for this release, so this 3.2 version have a codename and it's all to their glory ! You will find another proof of my gratitude when you will launch Association Subscribers Manager !

You can download packages and installer at :

You can report bugs and ask for new features at:

You can also visit the website for more information :

Twitter live feed is at:

Here is a list of the main changes :
Association Subscribers Manager version 3.2
 - changes layout of the subscribers summary/subscribers edit zone
 - made little update to the default theme styles
 - modify the subscriber's tooltip behaviour : now when dues column are hidden, the tooltip do not show the warning about them anymore
 - modify the search widget to make it more customizable by allowing the select and search into any fields (regular or custom)
 - add Mac OS X support
 - add support for compressed XML (for postal codes only at the moment)
 - fix a bug with postal codes (application was asking to add postal code/city couples even if they were empty)
 - add support for custom fields' in-place custom editor in the main view
 - fix a bug in passive popup display (they were sometime bigger than the application)
 - fix custom fields problems fix translations

Association Subscribers Manager is available as a source package (GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, BSD*, Windows, require a compiler), binary package for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

Enjoy !