Our connections in Kungur and in Perm

Our connections in Kungur and in Perm

The association " Pour Kungur " supports the baby homes of the  region, but also became very friendly with the population and several organizations from Kungur and Perm. A few special links have been put in place …

2014 - An exchange was created between children of french classs and classes of the same age at the school of “Gymnase” in Kungur.

Our visits in Kungur cannot take place without a visit to this school , and to the school 22 in Perm,  where we speak with the students who are learning French.

We also prepare for them videos and albums about our costums  in France (but also in all the world thanks to the families who have met their child in Perm region).

Since 2016, we have also created exchanges of correspondence and drawings between French schools and Kungur schools 10 and 17 , Mazunina, Chadeika, Souksoun schools, Nevolina sanatorium, Kungur school for handicapped children, kindergartens in Kungur and Perm, Cultural center in Filipovska, the group for handicapped children "DAR"...

avril 2017

Thanks to Larissa Ioltycheva, Kungur mayor till september 2017, for her warm welcome.

We have a great collaboration with Natalia and the team at the library, we never miss the opportunity to bring books during our travels …         

We like visiting  the students in Kungur language center, “Right Center”, headed by Tatiana Gorbunova.

A twinning was made between the Parisian artistic school «Espace Oxygène» in Paris and

the «Palace of the Culture of the engineers of mechanics» in Kungur.

As Espace Oxygène, this Russian arts center, nicknamed "DK", organises events to support baby home.

And, between other one, Babouchki of the center visit regularly the children of the orphanage.

Espace Oxygène, in 2015, backed the Palace of Culture at the international Dance Council ,  UNESCO partner,  and we presented its certificate to Veronika Berdnikova, the head of the place.

"Pour Kungur" also found its twin association with the charity association run by Olga Vichvkova: «Kungur-Territory of the good», who, for some months, also organises support for baby home.

The boarding school for disabled young  people is a place for which we have a lot of affection.

 Our 4 French student nurses were welcomed by its head, Nina Diachenko, for a part of their internship there in February, 2015.

We love...Megatort! A confectionery in Kungur who offer cakes to the baby home, and invite the children for master classes!

The "Kungur-Hostel" is a very welcoming place, where Olga Yakoutova receives us during each trip, and offers accommodation to who wants to visit Kungur and its region ... as at home!

Nice sharing also with marvelous dancing teacher Alevtina, and her students.


As with Elena Starostina who are in charge of the "Actor house" in Perm, and who invite regulary the childen of baby homes in her theater. Thanks to the Actor house, we organised our festival "Friendship - Children of the world" in july 2016.

...Also thanks to Boris Guiliov and his programm " Theater Ambulance"...

Of course, we don't forget the  theater companies from Perm, "Vis- Vis" and "Oh-La-la". We did a show with them in Perm, and in Russian embassy in Paris ( for adopted children in Russia) in january 2016, 2017, 2018.

... And the theater group БДТ from Perm of Elena and Nikolai Komarov, who came to perform in France for the benefit of "Pour Kungur" in the summer 2017 (with the children's company " GargilesseBand"), accompanied by the teacher of French Ekaterina Zakomlistova, of the association "Casablanca" (Perm).

We can add that in 2016, Hélène Texier become member of  "french Alliance" in Perm .

...And of course let us not forget the role of the local press in our history, which is a big support because they allow information to circulate in the correct way, and to favor exchange. Thanks to our friends of the newspaper Kungur Krai , Kungur FM, the Newspaper IskraTvoy Kungur, Komsomolskaya Pravda, VKurse, ProKungur,  Svezda, KraiTV and FM video